Street preacher Jeffrey Shook, with Unity Baptist Church in Hickory N.C., preaches to Kim Davis protesters in front of the Carl D. Perkins Federal Building in Ashland, Ky., Thursday. Same-sex couples in Rowan County began marrying Friday — but Davis' lawyers say those licenses are invalid. Charles Bertram/TNS/Landov hide caption

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The Two-Way - News Blog

Attorneys For Kim Davis: Marriage Licenses Issued Friday Are 'Void'

After spending the night in jail, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis tells her lawyers, "All is well," adding that she slept well. She also says she is prepared to stay in jail.

Part-time or half-day preschools pose a challenge for many working parents. Marko Poplasen/iStockphoto hide caption

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Preschool And Privilege: When Early Education Hinges On Parental Flexibility

As writer Jessica Grose prepares to send her child off to school for the first time, she faces a stark reality. Preschool schedules, she says, often require extreme flexibility from working parents.

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In Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, director Alex Gibney turns a critical lens on the Apple co-founder and his products. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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All Tech Considered

New Film Asks: Were Steve Jobs' Flaws Uploaded To His Machines?

Alex Gibney's documentary joins a growing list of Steve Jobs biopics and biographies. He raises the question of whether Jobs' creations make the people who use them more like their imperfect inventor.

At an event in New Hampshire Thursday, Bush said there "ought to be common ground" between Kim Davis being able to "act on her conscience" and for gay couples to be allowed to be married. Jim Cole/AP hide caption

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It's All Politics

Presidential Candidates Take Sides On Support For Kentucky Clerk

Kim Davis is in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses after same-sex marriage became legal. Some candidates say she should uphold the law, while others are standing with her.

Chris Silas Neal for NPR

Shots - Health News

The Long Odds Against Your Athletic Kid Turning Pro

More than a quarter of parents in a recent poll say they hope their teens who play high school sports will become professional athletes. But sky-high parental expectations can have a dark side.

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A selection of heirloom potatoes, including Red Erik, Snowball, Cariboo, Purple Peruvian, Caribe and French Red. A sociologist says we value these "edible memories" as a way to connect to the past and try and secure the future of food production. David Cavagnaro/Corbis hide caption

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The Salt

Why Are We Drawn To Heirloom Fruits And Veggies? They're 'Edible Memory'

Heirloom foods have grown in popularity, making their way into gardens, farms, farmers markets and restaurants. A sociologist says they offer a powerful emotional and physical connection to the past.

Trump speaks to an audience during his trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in July. He has called for a wall on the border and mass deportation. Matthew Busch/Getty Images hide caption

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It's All Politics

Nativism And Economic Anxiety Fuel Trump's Populist Appeal

Many Americans don't see either political party as offering real solutions. So Trump — with his anger at immigrants, trade, Wall Street and Washington elites — is filling the void.

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Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker and Zak Sally of Low surround Alan and Mimi's 8-month-old daughter, Hollis, in 2000. Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune hide caption

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All Songs Considered

Backstage Breast-Feeding (And Other Realities Of Raising A Family In Rock)

All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen moderates a discussion between Sharon Van Etten and Low's Mimi Parker about being a mom and being in a rock band.

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The peak of Meru has eluded some of the greatest climbers in the world. The Shark's Fin — a sheer wall of granite — is the central pillar in the formation. Jimmy Chin hide caption

itoggle caption Jimmy Chin

Movie Interviews

For 3 Climbers, Summiting Meru Was An 'Irresistible' Challenge

Meru is a 21,000-foot mountain in northern India. Some of the greatest climbers in the world have tried and failed to reach its peak — a sheer granite wall known as the Shark's Fin.

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