Kroto displays a model of his discovery in 1996: a soccer-ball shaped carbon molecule that spawned a new field of study, and could act as a tiny cage to transport other chemicals. Michael Scates/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Michael Scates/AP

Joe's Big Idea

A Discoverer Of The Buckyball Offers Tips On Winning A Nobel Prize

Harold Kroto shared a Nobel in 1996 for finding a new type of carbon molecule that ignited the field of nanotechnology. Find a passion where — with hard work — you can be the best, he advises.

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Bull trout are running out of time in Montana as their traditional waters heat up, biologists say. By moving more than a hundred fish to higher elevations, fisheries scientists hope to save the species by seeding a new population in waters that will stay cooler longer. Jim Mogen/USFWS hide caption

itoggle caption Jim Mogen/USFWS


Scientists Try Radical Move To Save Bull Trout From A Warming Climate

Bull trout are dwindling in Montana as their home-waters warm, and invasive fish devour them. Scooping up threatened fish and moving them higher up the mountain could backfire. Is the risk worth it?

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Valerie Nethery's LilyEmme Jewelry is among the first artisanal stores to be featured on Handmade, Amazon's new marketplace. LilyEmme Jewelry hide caption

itoggle caption LilyEmme Jewelry

All Tech Considered

Amazon Takes Aim At Etsy With A New Craft Site, Handmade

Amazon will require that the goods be factory-free — a direct swipe at Etsy, which now allows artisans to work with manufacturers to increase their sales.

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Jazz Night In America: Video Episodes And Shorts

Jason Moran Plays Thelonious Monk's Town Hall Concert

The artistic director for jazz at the Kennedy Center presents In My Mind, his personal re-imagining of a famous 1959 concert led by his piano hero. Watch highlights from the show.

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Chef Paul Prudhomme posed in the kitchen of a convention center in Jerusalem in 1996. He and 12 other chefs prepared a 12-course kosher feast as part of Jerusalem 3,000 celebrations. Will Yurman/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Will Yurman/AP

The Two-Way - News Blog

Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme, Who Popularized Cajun And Creole Food, Dies

The internationally renowned chef sparked a cooking craze and inspired other New Orleans restaurateurs. He was 75.

Son Little's new album, Son Little, comes out Oct. 16. Anthony Saint James/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

itoggle caption Anthony Saint James/Courtesy of the artist

First Listen

Preview Son Little's New Album

The inventive singer doesn't bother adhering to the iconography of vintage soul, preferring instead to point his path toward the future.

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Madalitso Mulando studies at the Chinika Secondary School in Lusaka, Zambia. By 5th grade, the school dropout rate is three times higher for girls than for boys. Samantha Reinders for NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Samantha Reinders for NPR

Goats and Soda

Can't Afford School? Girls Learn To Negotiate The Harvard Way: #15Girls

Madalitso Mulando needed help. She didn't have the money to pay for her 10th-grade tuition. Then she learned the art of negotiation from the gurus at Harvard Business School.

Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Michael Horn testifies before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal Thursday. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

itoggle caption Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

The Two-Way - News Blog

'It Was Installed For This Purpose,' VW's U.S. CEO Tells Congress About Defeat Device

Volkswagen has "withdrawn the application for certification of our model year 2016 vehicles," CEO Michael Horn says, adding that the company is still working with U.S. agencies.

Smoke rises after airstrikes hit Syria's rebel-held Idlib Province. Archaeologist Abdul Rahman al-Yehiya says residents in his area of Idlib were running their own schools, government and courts. But the airstrikes have set them back. Rebels backed by the U.S. say Russia has been carrying out daily airstrikes in territory they control. Courtesy of Abdul Rahman al-Yehiya hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Abdul Rahman al-Yehiya

Parallels - World News

For Syrians In Rebel Areas, Russian Airstrikes Add To Their Misery

Syrians in opposition territory say they've been facing the worst of the regime's attacks. Now they are being targeted by even more powerful bombings from Russian planes.

This 2011 photo provided by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections shows Charles Warner. Warner was executed Thursday for the 1997 killing of his roommate's 11-month-old daughter. AP hide caption

itoggle caption AP

The Two-Way - News Blog

Autopsy: Oklahoma Used The Wrong Drug To Execute Charles Warner

This is the second botched execution in a row for the state. Clayton Lockett died of a heart attack last year after a phlebotomist misplaced an IV line.

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