A man closes off an entrance to the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Ariz., on Wednesday. Instructor Charles Vacca was killed at the range Monday by a 9-year-old girl he was teaching to use an Uzi submachine gun. John Locher/AP hide caption

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Kids At Firing Ranges? 3 Questions Follow Fatal Shooting

An instructor was killed by a 9-year-old being taught how to fire an Uzi submachine gun. Along with debate over children's access to guns, the incident brought up a host of questions. Here are some answers.

Journalist James Foley in 2011. He was killed by Islamic State militants in Syria earlier this month. Steven Senne/AP hide caption

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Foley's Mother: We Didn't Want Him To Go Back To Syria

Diane Foley tells NPR that her son, slain journalist James Foley, "could have done so many other things. But he, I think, was drawn to some of the drama, some of the rawness of the conflict zones."

The Hilltop Women's Reproductive clinic in El Paso, Texas, is expected to close if a state law is upheld by a federal judge. Juan Carlos Llorca/AP hide caption

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Texas Law Could Lead To Closure Of Clinics That Offer Abortions KUHF

A Texas law would require doctor's offices and clinics that perform abortions to comply with regulations that apply to ambulatory surgical centers. The change could lead to a loss of services.

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Field Recordings

Ages And Ages, Singing An Anthem For (And With) Everyone

Recorded with the Berklee Gospel and Roots Choir in the ruins within Newport's Fort Adams State Park, "Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)" has a message and a chorus that everyone can enjoy.

President Obama said at a White House news conference Thursday that Russia is to blame for the violence in eastern Ukraine. Larry Downing /Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Obama Blames Russia For Violence In Ukraine, Calls Moves 'Incursion'

The president's remarks came the same day Ukraine said Russian troops entered its territory. The conflict has resulted in the worst tensions between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War.

Want to find your personal posse of Demodex mites? Gently scrape the pores on the sides of your nose. Juergen Peter Bosse/iStockphoto hide caption

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Hey, You've Got Mites Living On Your Face. And I Do, Too

If you're grossed out by the idea that tiny relatives of scorpions are living in the pores of your nose, you're not alone. But everybody's got Demodex mites, a study finds. And they're kind of cute.

Vona Kuczynska checks the wing of a big brown bat for spots, holes or tears. Any damage could be a sign of white nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed more than 5.5 million bats in the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Courtesy of Xin Zhong hide caption

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Night Of The Cemetery Bats KWMU

A nighttime census of leafy Bellefontaine in St. Louis reveals at least two species of bats. Park-like graveyards provide key habitat for urban wildlife.

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The granulated surface of the lake bed known as the Racetrack is a favorite destination for tourists — and for scientists who want to investigate trails left by the meandering stones. Momatiuk - Eastcott/Corbis hide caption

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An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones

In the moonscape of Death Valley, one mystery stands out: boulders that seem to creep along the desert floor when nobody's looking. Thanks to video and GPS, scientists now think they know why.

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