Tiny Desk Concerts

Lucinda Williams: A Voice Like No Other

She came to the desk a little unsure, and left singing "West Memphis" with intensity and passion. Williams has a voice like no other, and it shines in these intimate moments.

The author, Dr. Gavin Francis, arrived at Halley base on Christmas Eve 2002, at the height of the Antarctic midsummer, when 24-hour sunlight illuminates the vast swathes of empty ice. Courtesy of Gavin Francis hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Gavin Francis

The Salt

Antarctic Holiday: A Christmas Feast At The Loneliest Spot On Earth

For Dr. Gavin Francis, Christmas Eve marked the start of a year-long stay in an icy research base 8,700 miles from home. In this "empire of ice and isolation," he says, food is essential to morale.

Residents prep on the set of Behind the Silver Screen, a Channel 22 series profiling life stories of Hollywood veterans who are Motion Picture and Television Fund residents. Jennifer Clymer /MPTF hide caption

itoggle caption Jennifer Clymer /MPTF

Around the Nation

At One Retirement Home, Residents Run A TV Channel

The show must go on, as they say in the business. That's especially true at one Los Angeles retirement community, where old industry pros keep busy by producing TV shows for their contemporaries.

Sony Pictures was forced to cancel the release of its film The Interview this week after the hacking group Guardians of Peace threatened theaters that planned to screen the movie. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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All Tech Considered

Tech Week: Sony's Cyber Woes, And A Coating To Ease Ketchup's Flow

In our weekly roundup of tech headlines, we get you up to date on Sony's troubles after North Korea targeted its film The Interview and tell you a community organizer's advice for tech companies.

David Padilla poses with his grandchildren. Seventeen years ago, a judge found Padilla guilty of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Courtesy Padilla Family hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy Padilla Family

Boxed In

Sentenced For Life, Inmate Still Holds Hope For Release

The Clemency Project 2014 promises pardons or early release for offenders like David Padilla, one of thousands of people who are spending life in prison sentenced under tough drug laws.

A woman votes in the first round of the Tunisian presidential election on Nov. 23. The election went smoothly, but no candidate won 50 percent of a vote, forcing a run-off between the top two on Sunday. Hassene Dridi/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Hassene Dridi/AP

Parallels - World News

With A Presidential Vote, Tunisia Seeks A Peaceful Transition

Tunisia launched the Arab uprisings four years ago when it ousted a dictator. Sunday's presidential election heralds the country's steady-but-not-yet-guaranteed progress.

Based on their income, Tammy and Keith Berry could qualify for free care from Heartland Regional Medical Center. Instead, the hospital has sued them and garnished their wages. Steve Hebert for ProPublica hide caption

itoggle caption Steve Hebert for ProPublica

Your Money

When A Nonprofit Hospital Seizes Wages From Its Poorest Patients

In exchange for big tax breaks, nonprofit hospitals help low-income patients offset their bills. But some hospitals have sued to garnish the pay of low-income patients by as much as 25 percent, even some who qualify for reduced-cost care.

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