Evelyn FitzGerald, 2 months old, is in a Princess Leia — of Star Wars renown — costume made from recycled clothes by her mother Shenandoah Brettell of El Segundo, Calif. "I made the wig out of yarn and the belt out of felt," says Shenandoah, who listens to NPR member station KPCC. Shenandoah Brettell hide caption

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Second-Hand Costumes For Fun And Nonprofits

Forget Thanksgiving — Halloween is the big holiday season for thrift shops.

The 2002 Honda CR-V is one of dozens of car models subject to a recall for faulty air bags. The air bag manufacturer, Takata, supplies bags for more than 30 percent of all cars and is one of only three large air bag suppliers. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety/AP hide caption

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No Quick Fixes For Drivers Affected By Air Bag Recall

The massive auto recall announced this week is different from most. It affects more than one-third of air bags on the road and there are no simple fixes, short of a full air bag replacement.

A lone Mayo Clinic wheelchair sits on the Cascade Creek walking trail near Kutzky Park in Rochester, Minn. Elizabeth Baier/MPR News hide caption

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In Minnesota, Abandoned Wheelchairs Are Just Part Of The Landscape MPR

If you live in Rochester, Minn., you get used to seeing wheelchairs left in odd places. The city is home to the Mayo Clinic, after all. Some of those wheelchairs venture far afield indeed.

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Darius Foster says he wants to challenge racial and political expectations. "With me, unfortunately, everything is black Republican. Not 'Darius did this,' but 'The black Republican did that.'" Debbie Elliott/NPR hide caption

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Alabama's Darius Foster Wants To Bring Back 'Fight For The People' GOP

In Alabama, the GOP is fielding a record number of black candidates this year, including Foster. It's part of a Republican effort to make inroads with African-Americans in the Deep South.

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