Though Jupiter's red spot looks small in this photo, it's actually about 10,000 miles wide — bigger than Earth's diameter. Space Telescope Science Institute/NASA hide caption

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How Jupiter's Red Spot Makes Things High Above It Hot, Hot, Hot

Think summer's hot on Earth? Space physicists tracking weather on Jupiter say the roar of the raging storm we call the Great Red Spot heats the outer atmosphere above it by more than 1,000 degrees F.

Vice President Joe Biden talks to students from Eagle Academy for Young Men during a walk at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. He will speak Wednesday night. Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images hide caption

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As Joe Biden Steps Into Convention Spotlight, A Lingering 'What If'

The death of the vice president's eldest son derailed his own hopes for the White House. But he once had better approval ratings than Hillary Clinton and may have been a more competitive nominee.

Michigan State University researchers Sunpreet Arora (left), Anil Jain (center) and Kai Cao (right) tried 3-D printed fingertips and 2-D fingerprint replicas on conductive paper to unlock a murder victim's phone, similar to one in the photo. Derrick Turner/Michigan State University hide caption

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Police Use Fingertip Replicas To Unlock A Murder Victim's Phone

Michigan State University engineers tried 3-D-printed fingertips and special conductive replicas of the victim's fingerprints to crack the biometric lock on his Samsung Galaxy phone.

Mukhtar Mai has fought for justice for the past 14 years. Pakistan's Supreme Court has said it will review its own 2011 decision to uphold the acquittal of five of her attackers. Philip Reeves/NPR hide caption

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In Pakistan's Heartland, A 'Perfect Storm Of Obstacles' To Protecting Women

A high-profile honor killing has led to calls for stronger laws. But a gang-rape victim who's spent 14 years fighting for justice says laws are undercut by ages-old feudal traditions against women.

Former President Clinton defended Hillary Clinton's career during his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, the night she formally became the party's presidential nominee. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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In Convention Speech, Bill Clinton Counters The Greatest Criticisms Of His Wife

Clinton had a formidable challenge on Tuesday: to sell the American people on one of the most disliked presidential nominees in political history.

People walk by a mural depicting Freddie Gray in Baltimore on June 23, at the intersection where Gray was arrested in 2015. Prosecutors in Baltimore have dropped all remaining charges against police officers related to Gray's death while in police custody. Patrick Semansky/AP hide caption

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Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against Officers In Freddie Gray's Death

After four trials ended without convictions, Baltimore prosecutors announced Wednesday that they were dropping all remaining charges. Gray died in 2015 after injuries sustained while in police custody.

Tank, a pet 75-pound tortoise, survived the Los Angeles Sand Fire after his owner were forced to leave him behind. Courtesy of the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control hide caption

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Tortoise Wins Again: Slow And Steady Pace Outruns L.A. Fire

An animal control agency got a call from the sheriff's department about "a tortoise that was running down the street, and away from the fire zone."

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (in suit and green tie), inspects a police honour guard as he arrives at the parliament in Ankara on Friday. A July 15 coup attempt was quickly crushed in Turkey, a country that has had multiple military takeovers in the past. Burhan Ozbilici/AP hide caption

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Egypt And Turkey: Why A Coup Succeeded In One And Failed In The Other

Both countries have strong militaries wary of conservative Muslim politicians. But as a wealthier, more middle-class country, Turkey rose up when elements of the military tried to take over.

A police officer patrols during a protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City on July 9. Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Code Switch

A Letter From Young Asian-Americans To Their Families About Black Lives Matter

Shereen Marisol Meraji and Kat Chow talk to young people who crowd-sourced an open letter to their loved ones, asking them to care about police violence against black Americans.

A Letter From Young Asian-Americans To Their Families About Black Lives Matter

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Walrus, shown here on a drying rack, represents a major source of nutritious food for many in Alaska's St. Lawrence Island. In recent years, warmer temperatures have pushed the sea ice further from St. Lawrence's shores, making walrus hunting more challenging. This shortfall has led to increased food insecurity on the island. Courtesy of Cara Durr hide caption

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The Salt

In Alaska's Remote Towns, Climate Change Is Already Leaving Many Hungry

Melting ice has made it harder to hunt walrus, a traditional staple for Native Alaskans. Warmer temps mean caribou aren't where hunters used to find them. It all adds up to more food insecurity.

Between 1999 and 2014, the number of deaths in the U.S. from prescribed opioids quadrupled. Meanwhile medical students were getting very little training on how to spot patients who are at risk for addiction, or how to treat it. Matt Lincol/Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive hide caption

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As Opioid Epidemic Surges, Medical Schools Try To Keep Pace

Kaiser Health News

Most medical schools offer little teaching about opioid addiction, even though there is unmet demand for treatment in many areas. Stanford University's medical school is trying to change that.

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What We Saw At The 2016 Newport Folk Festival

More than four dozen bands played at this year's festival, which was full of serendipitous moments. Photographer Adam Kissick captured it all.