Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has apologized for comments made by Senior Vice President Emil Michael, who at a private dinner last week suggested uncovering personal details about journalists. Will Oliver/EPA/Landov hide caption

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All Tech Considered

Tech Week: Uber Under Fire, The Vision Behind Google's Lollipop

Uber's CEO apologizes after a senior executive suggested the company would dig up dirt on journalists critical of the booming ride-sharing firm. And we give the new Android OS a close look.

Goats and Soda

Ebola Clinic Finds Way To Start Beating The Odds

Staff members at a clinic in Sierra Leone were told to minimize treatments and expect few survivors. But they refused to follow that plan and came up with a safe way to boost the survival rate.

The fungus known as yartsa gunbu is a big seller in Chinese markets, where people pay top dollar for the alleged aphrodisiac. Deng fei/Corbis hide caption

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Goats and Soda

The Viagra Of The Himalayas Brings In Big Bucks, And Big Problems

A fungus consumes a worm and sprouts out of its head. The resulting ... thing ... is deemed an aphrodisiac and can sell for more than gold. How do you keep people from killing each other to harvest it?

Benedict Cumberbatch plays British mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. "You're not asked to like the character," Cumberbatch says. "You're introduced to him, warts and all." Black Bear Pictures hide caption

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Movie Interviews

Benedict Cumberbatch: Code-Breaker Alan Turing Was A Puzzle Himself

Cumberbatch stars in The Imitation Game as the British mathematician who helped break German codes. "It's a war thriller, it's a love story and a tragic testament to a genius wronged," he says.

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