Anti-abortion activists held a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood in front of the Capitol on Tuesday. Olivier Douliery/Getty Images hide caption

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It's All Politics

Planned Parenthood Controversy Proves Complicated For Democrats

Several Republican candidates denounced Planned Parenthood at a rally in Washington this week after a series of sting videos were released. But it's a trickier issue for Democrats.

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Captives separated by a fence conduct communal evening prayers at the Camp 6 prison building at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Walter Michot/Miami Herald/TNS/Landov hide caption

itoggle caption Walter Michot/Miami Herald/TNS/Landov

Parallels - World News

New Gitmo Plan Would Relocate Some Detainees To U.S.

President Obama's top counterterrorism adviser recently floated a plan to empty Guantanamo's detention camps and relocate "enemy combatants." The president promised in 2009 to shut down the facility.

Migrants cross a road near the Eurotunnel in Coquelles, near Calais, France, Wednesday. A Sudanese man, between 25 and 30 years old, was killed by a truck as up to 1,500 migrants tried to force their way into the tunnel, officials say. Yoan Valat/EPA/Landov hide caption

itoggle caption Yoan Valat/EPA/Landov

The Two-Way - News Blog

Migrant Dies In France As Thousands Try To Use Channel Tunnel

Since Jan. 1, French officials have intercepted more than 37,000 migrants who were hoping to jump on trains or trucks heading to Britain. A Sudanese man was found dead Wednesday morning.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady attends the welterweight unification championship bout on May 2, 2015 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Al Bello/Getty Images hide caption

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The Two-Way - News Blog

Tom Brady Calls NFL's 4-Game Suspension 'Unfair'

The Patriots quarterback said he got rid of his phone only after his lawyers told the NFL his device would "not be subjected to investigation." Brady said he was "disappointed" in the NFL's decision.

This 18-year-old man was placed on probation after stealing sneakers at age 15. He stands in his front door in Alameda County, Calif., to demonstrate the limited range of movement allowed by the electronic monitoring device he was required to wear. "It felt like I was on a dog leash," he says. Violations related to it sent him to juvenile hall multiple times. Denise Tejada/Youth Radio hide caption

itoggle caption Denise Tejada/Youth Radio

Youth Radio

Meant To Keep Youths Out Of Detention, Probation Often Leads Them There

Nationwide, juvenile incarceration has dropped by half since 1999 — but the probations that have replaced it hold teens to sometimes subjective standards and often include electronic monitoring.

President Obama speaks in Ethiopia. While there, he noted that in the U.S., presidents can't run for more than two terms. But if they could, he said, he'd win. Mulugeta Ayene/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Mulugeta Ayene/AP

It's All Politics

Could President Obama Win A Third Term?

Four U.S. presidents have completed a second term since that became the limit, and three of them might well have had a shot at winning again: Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Tribal Chairman Bill Iyall stands on Cowlitz Tribe reservation land with a rendering of the casino the tribe hopes to build on the site near La Center, Wash., just north of Portland, Ore. Peter Haley/MCT/Landov hide caption

itoggle caption Peter Haley/MCT/Landov

Around the Nation

'Location Is Everything' In Tribal Casino Dispute OPB

The legal battle between two Native American tribes comes down to historical claims on a casino's proposed site — and also business.

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Star Trek's Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk never even lose pocket change when they use a transporter to get from TV's Starship Enterprise to distant worlds. What gives? Paramount Television/The Kobal Collection hide caption

itoggle caption Paramount Television/The Kobal Collection

All Tech Considered

Beam Me Up? Teleporting Is Real, Even If Trekkie Transport Isn't

Teleporting from one place to the next looks so fun on the big and little screen. But physicists who actually can do something like that with single atoms say teleporting people would be much messier.

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