After a 4.5-magnitude earthquake was recorded near Cushing, Okla., in October, state regulators ordered oil companies to shut down several disposal wells. That seemed to slow the shaking — at least for a while. Joe Wertz/StateImpact Oklahoma hide caption

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Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma's Confidence In Oil Hub Security

A surge in earthquakes in the state is now a national security threat. No damage has been reported, but operators at the hub are on high alert for a disruption that would ripple through the U.S. energy market.

A man walks through hundreds of pairs of shoes displayed in Paris as part of a rally called "Paris sets off for climate" on Sunday, Nov. 29. More than 140 world leaders are gathering around Paris for high-stakes climate talks this week. Laurent Cipriani/AP hide caption

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13.7: Cosmos And Culture

How Psychology Can Save The World From Climate Change

A new paper says it's better to focus on concrete manifestations of climate change in our lives today — and what can be gained by making changes now — says psychologist Tania Lombrozo.

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, and it was poised to become a manufacturing giant because of its unique geography. As industry grew, so did an infrastructure of freeways that connects the ports to the eastern reaches of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, where factories had the space to expand. John Francis Peters for NPR hide caption

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American Made: The New Manufacturing Landscape

What Gets Made In LA Is Way More Than Movies

Los Angeles is home to the most manufacturing jobs in the U.S., from clothes to metal parts to new aerospace tech. Companies have reinvented themselves, even as they struggle to find skilled workers.

Tom Jones' new album, Long Lost Suitcase, comes out Dec. 4. Harry Borden/Courtesy of the artist. hide caption

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Preview Tom Jones' New Album, 'Long Lost Suitcase'

Long Lost Suitcase is not just Jones' story, but also the story of America's musical roots spreading to reach the whole planet, generation by generation.

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Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her seat touched off the Montgomery bus boycott and the beginning of the civil rights movement, is fingerprinted by police Lt. D.H. Lackey in Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 22, 1956, when she was among several others charged with violating segregation laws. Gene Herrick/AP hide caption

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In Montgomery, Rosa Parks' Story Offers A History Lesson For Police

Sixty years ago Tuesday, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Recruits in Montgomery, Ala., are learning about Parks in a course aimed at eliminating bias in policing.

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