"My brain used to be my best friend," says Greg O'Brien, a journalist with early onset Alzheimer's. But he can't trust it anymore, he says. Alzheimer's is, in some ways, changing who he is. Amanda Kowalski and Samantha Broun for NPR hide caption

itoggle caption Amanda Kowalski and Samantha Broun for NPR

Shots - Health News

As A Father's Alzheimer's Progresses, Family Learns To Love Him As He Is

As his disease advances, Greg O'Brien finds his personality shifting, too. "I know I can't go back to who I was before," he says. "I've got to learn to live with the new me."

The burned Doctors Without Borders hospital is seen after explosions in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, on Saturday. Doctors Without Borders says 12 staff members and 10 patients were killed in the attack and 37 others wounded. AP hide caption

itoggle caption AP

The Two-Way - News Blog

Doctors Without Borders: Kunduz Airstrike Was 'War Crime'

A hospital was hit while U.S. forces were conducting an airstrike in the Afghan city; the aid organization says 22 doctors, staff members and patients were killed. NATO has said that it will conduct an investigation.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent this image out on Instagram after appearing on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" alongside actress Kate McKinnon, who portrays Clinton on the show. @hillaryclinton/Instagram hide caption

itoggle caption @hillaryclinton/Instagram

It's All Politics

Hillary Clinton Embraces Her Image On Saturday Night Live

With the Democratic primary race tougher than the front-runner might have expected, Clinton confronted several of her flaws on SNL. But maybe not the most significant ones.

Former Sheriff William "Dub" Lawrence, in a scene from the documentary Peace Officer. It's not his job to investigate old crimes and officer-involved shootings — but that hasn't stopped him from obsessing over them. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of the artist

Around the Nation

An Ex-Lawman On A Lonely Mission: Bringing The Police To Justice

If you called him obsessive, former Utah Sheriff "Dub" Lawrence wouldn't disagree. For decades, he's been chipping away at cold cases — and his biggest challenge: what he sees as police impunity.

Smoke rises from Kunduz, Afghanistan, on Thursday. Government forces have reportedly retaken the city after it was seized by the Taliban on Monday. On Saturday, a U.S. airstrike appears to have hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital. AP hide caption

itoggle caption AP

Parallels - World News

12 Years In Kunduz: A Struggle For Stability

The Taliban and the Afghan government have been fighting in the city since Monday. On Saturday, during a U.S. airstrike, a Doctors Without Borders hospital was hit, killing more than 20 people. But the fight for the city started long before this week's violence.

Duncan Sheik's new album, Legerdemain, comes out Oct. 9th. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of the artist

Music Interviews

The Eclectic World Of Duncan Sheik, From Billboard To Broadway

A one-time pop sensation, the singer and composer made a deft pivot to theater with his Tony-winning music for Spring Awakening. These days, he's exploring the electronic music of his youth.

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Arriving at a hospital seven hours' drive from his remote village in the mountains, former gold miner He Quangui is finally admitted to a ward. The doctors proceed to puncture his lungs with a needle to remove syringe after syringe of air. In pain, He Quangui tries to clasp the drip pulley hanging from the ceiling; his brother-in-law Mi Shiliang is at a loss for how to comfort him. Sim Chi Yin/VII hide caption

itoggle caption Sim Chi Yin/VII

Goats and Soda

What It's Like To Take Photos Of A Dying Man

Like millions of Chinese gold miners, He Quangui was stricken with the lung disease silicosis. At first he didn't want his story to be told, but over time he came to trust the photographer.

"A speaker is the speaker of the House ... he cannot give his gavel to a small percentage of his party," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. told NPR. Alex Wong/Getty Images hide caption

itoggle caption Alex Wong/Getty Images

It's All Politics

Nancy Pelosi On The 'Awesome Power' Of The House Speakership

After John Boehner's resignation, what comes next? The House's upcoming agenda can "be one that is a successful path to the future or it can be a calendar of chaos, and that really is up to the Republicans," Pelosi says.

Ellen Page appears in a scene from Freeheld in this image released by Lionsgate. She tells NPR that the film captures the special emotional and practical impacts of same-sex marriage discrimination. Phil Caruso/AP hide caption

itoggle caption Phil Caruso/AP

Movie Interviews

Ellen Page On New Film's Heart: 'All We Want Is To Love And Be Loved'

The new biopic Freeheld follows the true story of a lesbian couple seeking recognition of their partnership. Page talks about their "mind-boggling" ordeal and her own fears about coming out.

Employers are gathering detailed health and wellness information about their workers. Are confidentiality safeguards up to the task? Andy Baker/Getty Images/Ikon Images hide caption

itoggle caption Andy Baker/Getty Images/Ikon Images

Shots - Health News

7 Questions To Ask Your Boss About Wellness Privacy

More employers than ever are nudging workers toward plans that screen them for risks, monitor their activity and encourage them to make healthful choices. Can you trust the boss to keep the data safe?

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President Lyndon B. Johnson giving Rep. Michael Feighan the famous "Johnson treatment" — using his imposing physical presence to persuade — aboard Air Force One during a presidential trip to Cleveland in 1964. LBJ put heavy pressure on Feighan to support the new immigration legislation. Feighan eventually agreed — but he demanded a crucial change to the act. Princeton University Library/Simon & Schuster hide caption

itoggle caption Princeton University Library/Simon & Schuster


In 1965, A Conservative Tried To Keep America White. His Plan Backfired

Fifty years ago, the Immigration Act lifted an old quota system that favored immigrants from Europe. But before it passed, one congressman made a change — one he thought would limit the act's impact.

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