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Last week, host Scott Simon sent out an invitation to Twitter followers to post funny, witty or thoughtful messages on our Web site in 140 characters or less — the maximum length of a Tweet. In just two hours, we received more than 200 responses. We've whittled them down to the 10 best.

Tim Siedell, known as Badbanana on Twitter, made the cut. He joins Scott to share his and go through the others.

Our Favorite 140 Characters

14.9 million people are now unemployed. That's a lot of new blogs. — Badbananas (Tim Seidell)
Trust is overrated. Shrink keeps wanting to talk about it. She's going away on holiday for two weeks. Asked her why she's avoiding our sessions. — SFGreek (Joanne Kalogeras)
One thing about being a baby boomer - you're never alone- You got a problem? You bet a million+ others got it to & it will be a headline somewhere.— Sandie Foster (Sandra Foster)
When I always send my twin brother a belated birthday card. Am I being passive aggressive or simply denying my own age? — Barryhoek (Barry Hoekstra)
I wonder how much controversy would have been avoided had Joe Wilson simply tweeted @barackobama YOU LIE.— Composer91 (Philip de Oliveria)
You know it's time for health care reform when your company's health plan is flu shots and V8 juice. — SWMama (Carla Naumburg)
Eat a toad each morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. — Breedlove (Bob Breedlove)
While it is true that governmental heckling goes on in other countries, it sounds so much classier when members of the British Parliament call each other names. — Charlee Hutton (Charlee Hutton)
I'm finding myself extremely thankful that the public library system already exists. Imagine trying to get that one past congress. — Aelend (Amanda Elend)
If you wear shoes that shouldn't get wet, you might not understand shoes very well. — Davidbdale (David Hodges)

Read All The Messages We Received

Correction Sept. 21, 2009

The original on-air version of this story referred to Rep. Joe Wilson as being from Louisiana. Wilson is from South Carolina.



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