Cory Chisel performs at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival.

Cory Chisel performs at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival. Shantel Mitchell for NPR hide caption

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Newport Folk Festival

Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons: Newport Folk 2010

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Cory Chisel grew up in Appleton, Wis., where he got into music while singing in church for his father, a Baptist minister. But while that period of his life helped him find his voice — particularly in performances with his family — Chisel remained isolated from popular culture at large. That changed when his uncle introduced him to classic rock and soul music, which in turn helped lead to Cory Chisel's recording career. Expect him to showcase material from last year's full-length major-label debut, Death Won't Send a Letter, in this live performance from the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I.

Set List
  • "See It My Way"
  • "Curious Thing"
  • "So Wrong for Me"
  • "Getting By"
  • "Angel of Mine"
  • "Tennessee"
  • "My Heart Would be There"
  • "Never Meant to Love You"
  • "Born Again"
  • "Love is Gone"
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