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Darcy James Argue.

Newport Jazz Festival

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: Newport Jazz 2010WBGO




More than a half-century after big bands were popular, Argue reverse-engineers the popular music of today through his big band. His Secret Society ensemble takes a refreshingly original slant on the jazz tradition, full of driving energy. The band travels up from its New York home base to perform at the CareFusion Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I.

  • Darcy James Argue, conductor
  • Erica von Kleist, winds
  • Ben Kono, winds
  • Sam Sadigursky, winds
  • Mark Small, winds
  • Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone
  • Seneca Black, trumpet
  • Tom Goehring, trumpet
  • Matt Holman, trumpet
  • Laurie Frink, trumpet
  • Ingrid Jensen, trumpet
  • Mike Fahie, trombone
  • Ryan Keberle, trombone
  • James Hirschfeld, trombone
  • Jennifer Wharton, trombone
  • Sebastian Noelle, guitar
  • Gordon Webster, piano
  • Evan Gregor, bass
  • Jon Wikan, drums
Set List
  • "Transit"
  • "Zeno"
  • "Phobos"
  • "Blow-Out Prevention"
  • "Obsidian Flow"
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