Johnny Depp Voices Keith Richards' Audio Book

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Keith Richards' autobiography Life comes out as an audio book Tuesday. It's read by actor Johnny Depp, who based his Pirates of the Caribbean character, Captain Jack Sparrow, on the real-life swashbuckling Richards.


It's not hard to figure out the perfect actor to bring alive the new memoir by rock legend Keith Richards. As an audio book, it's voiced By Johnny Depp.

Mr. JOHNNY DEPP (Actor): (Reading) In the whole of the United States, there was perhaps no sillier place to stop with a car loaded with drugs; a conservative, redneck, southern community not happy to welcome different looking strangers.

MONTAGNE: The print version of Keith Richards' "Life" is already a bestseller. The audio book is out today.

Mr. DEPP: (Reading) Hello, officer. Oh, have I broken and some local law? Pray, forgive me. I'm English. Was I driving on the wrong side of the road?

MONTAGNE: This isnt the first time Depp has played Richards. The actor has famously channeled the rocker in the character of the flamboyant, mascaraed(ph) pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

(Soundbite of movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean")

Mr. DEPP: (as Captain Jack Sparrow) Well, Im actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh?

MONTAGNE: Keith Richards himself arrived in "Pirates of the Caribbean, Three" as, who else, the father of Jack Sparrow.

(Soundbite of movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean, Three")

Mr. DEPP: (as Captain Jack Sparrow) You've seen it all, done it all. You survived. It's a trick, ain't it, to survive?

Mr. Keith Richards (Musician): (as Captain Teague) It's not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever.

MONTAGNE: No question, Keith Richards' music and iconic personality will live on. And for delighted fans it might seem like forever, as they joined Richards on this 23-hour trip introduced by the man himself.

Mr. DEPP: (Reading) Believe it or not, I remember everything. So get ready for the ride. It starts with a bang.

(Soundbite of song, "Start Me Up")

MONTAGNE: All right. It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne.


And I'm Steve Inskeep.

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