Post-Quake Giving To Haiti: A Look At Major Charities

Charity Name Donations Received Spent % Remaining Reporting Date Notes
American Red Cross $479,000,000 $200,000,000* 42% $279,000,000 1/11/11 Water, sanitation and shelter are the organization’s current focus, with shelter the biggest share of total spending.
World Vision 194,000,000 107,000,000 55% 87,000,000 12/14/10 Provides access to basic needs, including latrines and clean water; provides health care and emergency and transitional shelter.
Catholic Relief Services 159,138,997 59,971,561 38% 99,167,436 10/31/10 Focus on shelter, infrastructure and health programs, including HIV/AIDS prevention, water and sanitation, food and security.
Doctors Without Borders US 138,000,000 124,000,000 90% 14,000,000 10/31/10 Health services, including psychological treatment, maternal health care and treatment after sexual violence; construction and operation of mobile clinics and shelter.
Oxfam America 98,000,000 68,000,000 69% 30,000,000 12/31/10 Focus on water sanitation, shelter, food, livelihood.
Partners in Health 88,000,000 40,000,000 45% 48,000,000 9/30/10 Focus on rebuilding and improving Haiti's public health and health education systems, providing quality health care to over 100,000 homeless earthquake survivors at settlement camps in Port-au-Prince, reinforcing infrastructure and services at 12 hospitals and health centers in areas outside the capital that have seen an influx of people displaced by the earthquake, and building a new national referral and teaching hospital in Mirebalais, 40 minutes north of Port-au-Prince.
Save the Children USA 87,000,000 46,087,100** 53% 40,912,900 10/31/10 Focus on critical health needs, nutrition, education and security. Moving from relief stage to recovery.
Hope for Haiti Now 66,000,000 63,500,000*** 96% 2,500,000 1/3/11 Focus on rebuilding efforts; money raised from the telethon and music sales has been distributed among partner organizations, including Oxfam, Partners in Health, UNICEF and the U.N. Food Program, among others.
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund 52,000,000 20,000,000 38% 32,000,000 12/16/10 Focus on long-term job creation and economic opportunity by awarding grants to Haiti-based organizations.
CARE USA 45,000,000 23,200,000 52% 21,800,000 12/17/10 Focus on transitional shelter, jobs programs, water supply, sanitation and hygiene, with a special emphasis on needs of women and girls.
William J. Clinton Foundation 16,400,000 11,500,000 70% 4,900,000 12/30/10 Focus on communal hurricane emergency shelters; emergency relief, portable classrooms, agricultural supplies; solar-powered streetlights and clothing.
J/P Haitian Relief Organization Did not respond NA NA NA NA NA



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