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Justin Bieber's Hair Raises Funds For Charity

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A lock of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber's hair sold on eBay Wednesday for more than $40,000. Bieber donated his hair to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who put the clippings on eBay. The proceeds will benefit the animal rescue charity The Gentle Barn.


We have some more celebrity news this morning. Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber just had a good hair day - a very good hair day. We're told that a lock of his hair sold on eBay yesterday for more than $40,000. Mr. Bieber donated his hair in a signed box, to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. And she then put the clippings on eBay, with all the proceeds to benefit the animal rescue charity called The Gentle Barn Foundation.

Ms. ELLIE LAKS (Founder, The Gentle Barn Foundation): We had no idea that it would raise this much money. We were speechless.

INSKEEP: Thats Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn Foundation.

When Mr. Bieber's hair first went on sale, Laks was thrilled to see bidders offering a few thousand dollars.

Ms. LAKS: Fifteen minutes before the bid ended, it was at I think 14,000. And we were like, wow, thats amazing. And then in 15 minutes, it went from like 14,000 to 40,000.

INSKEEP: The winning bidder was not some star-struck teenaged girl, but an online gambling casino called GoldenPalace.com, which collects little bits of pop culture.

Here's casino spokesman Drew Black.

Mr. DREW BLACK (Spokesman, GoldenPalace.com): GoldenPalace.com has been involved with obtaining odd objects that may strike a chord with the general public; items that have been collected throughout the years and have raised over a million dollars for various charities worldwide.

INSKEEP: And if you want to get a sense of the relative value of Bieber hair - $40,000 for Justin Bieber, right? Ellen DeGeneres recently sold a clipping of Elvis Presley's hair for charity for a mere $15,000.

It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. Im Steve Inskeep.


And Im Renee Montagne.

(Soundbite of song, "Kiss Me")

Mr. JUSTIN BIEBER (Singer): (Singing) Oh, how you do me. Kiss me. Kiss me, say that you miss me. Tell me what I want to hear. Tell me you love me. Love me. Say that you love me. Fool me. Fool me. Oh, how you do me. Kiss me. Kiss me, say that you miss me.

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