Pokey LaFarge performs at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival.

Pokey LaFarge performs at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival. Shantel Mitchell for NPR hide caption

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Newport Folk Festival

Pokey LaFarge: Newport Folk 2010

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You wouldn't expect someone called Pokey LaFarge to grow up in fancy boarding schools, so it's not a huge surprise to learn that he came of age as an all-around rural wanderer who found his voice in roving packs of fellow buskers. Naturally, he keeps one eye on tradition, but — true to form for an adventure-seeking free spirit — he's always looking forward, too. LaFarge's newest album, recorded with his South City Three, is titled Riverboat Soul. Here, LaFarge and his band perform live at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I.

Set List
  • "Mississippi River"
  • "Right Key, Wrong Key Hole"
  • "Feels So Good"
  • "Sweet Potato"
  • "Oh Mama"
  • "Home Away From Home"
  • "Sunny Side Of The Street"
  • "Jailhouse"
  • "Walk Your Way Out Of Town"
  • "Red Rock Bottom"
  • "Bring On The Whistles"
  • "Keep Your Hands Off Of My Gal"
  • "Head To Toe"
  • "Old Black Dog"
  • "Claude Jones"
  • "La La Blues"
  • "Daffodil"
  • "Move Out Of Town"
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