NPR logo Kings (And Queens) Of The World: Where Monarchies Still Exist

Kings (And Queens) Of The World: Where Monarchies Still Exist

The British royal family never seems to lack attention from the press — witness the hype surrounding the marriage of Prince William, second in line to the throne, and Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth's rule does extend across the world; she's the sovereign of 15 Commonwealth realms in addition to the United Kingdom. But she's not the only royal out there. Here, a look at where monarchies — and sultanates and emirates, which are similar systems — still exist around the world.


- For definitions of the various types of governments and a more in-depth look at each country, see the <a href="">CIA World Factbook</a>.<br />- The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of more than 50 independent countries – most of which used to be under British rule. Of the Commonwealth countries, 16, known as "realms," recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign, while others have their own monarch or are free of monarchical affiliation.



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