'Around The Grill': Indian Meat And Greens

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Tell Me More is featuring stories from immigrants who bring their cultural traditions to their July 4th feasts. This last installment comes from Anupy Singla, an Indian American mother of two and author of The Indian Slow Cooker. She shares dishes from North India like grilled tandoori chicken and garbanzo bean salad.


And now to the last of our Fourth of July stories from around the grill. So far, we've heard about Mexican elotes, Ethiopian beef tibs - that's with a B. Our third and final story comes to us from an Indian-American mother of two.


ANUPY SINGLA: My name is Anupy Singla. I live in Chicago, Illinois. And I'm the author of "The Indian Slow Cooker," which came out back in October. And for this Fourth of July, I'll be cooking chicken tandoori on the grill. And I'll be making my famous veggie bean burgers with Indian spices. We'll also be serving up a garbanzo bean salad.


SINGLA: It kind of takes you back to the streets of North India. It's garbanzo beans with split top potatoes, tomatoes, red onions chopped up, lime, and some Indian spices like charred masala, a little bit of gutta masala to also give it a little bit of kick.


SINGLA: Both my husband and I were born in India but raised in the United States. For my children that are eight and six years old, providing them ways to appreciate their culture through food is critical. We just want to pass along all of the great food memories we have had growing up. But it also helps us to keep our childhood at the forefront of our mind, as well, as we go into some of these holidays like July 4th..


MARTIN: That was Anupy Singla. You can read about how to make her garbanzo bean salad, along with all the recipes you heard today, plus a few bonus recipes by going to NPR.org, clicking on the Program's tab and then on TELL ME MORE. Sorry, I'm not giving up my pound cake recipe. That's still top secret.

And that's our program for today. You've been listening to TELL ME MORE from NPR News. Happy Fourth. Let's talk more tomorrow.

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