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Labor Day Plans From Tell Me More

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The first Labor Day was celebrated in N.Y. on September 5, 1882. Some of today's Americans are spending the holiday by the pool, in the kitchen or around the yard. Sharing their plans are members of Tell Me More: Sanaz Meshkinpour, Argin Hutchins, Amy Ta, Amita Parashar, Malik Washington, Emily Ochsenschlager, Alicia Montgomery, Brian Jarboe and Davar Ardalan.


And finally today, before we go, one last ode to Labor Day. The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York on Sept. 5, 1882. It was a time when families would get together at picnics and barbecues or go to sporting events. And we've asked some of our colleagues to tell us how they'll be spending their Labor Day.


SANAZ MESHKINPOUR: I'm Sanaz Meshkinpour. I am a member of the editorial staff on TELL ME MORE. This Labor Day weekend I plan on laboring in the kitchen, experimenting with fish tacos, Korean short ribs, and bibimbap.

ARGIN HUTCHINS: I'm Argin Hutchins, one of the producers and one of the directors of TELL ME MORE. And this Labor Day, surprisingly, I will be laboring in my yard. As you know, recently Irene came through the D.C. metropolitan area, and I haven't cleaned up yet. So I'm going to have to do that at some point, and that day will be Labor Day.

ALICIA MONTGOMERY: Hi, I'm Alicia Montgomery, and I'm the senior editor here at TELL ME MORE. For this holiday weekend, I have lots of very, very exciting mommy plans. I've got play dates. I've got trips to Target. And most fun of all, new frontiers in toilet training my 3-year-old son, so wish us luck.

AMITA PARASHAR: I'm Amita Parashar, an editorial assistant here on TELL ME MORE. And I'm looking forward to sitting on a friend's porch in Charlottesville, Virginia, and eating some barbecue.

AMY TA: I'm Amy Ta, editorial assistant for TELL ME MORE. I normally don't celebrate Labor Day so I guess I'll just be watching movies, reading and definitely baking bread.

EMILY OCHSENSCHLAGER: I'm Emily Ochsenschlager, an assistant producer here at TELL ME MORE. And I can't think of a better way to spend Labor Day than spending a little time by the pool with a good book, and then going out to get some Greek food with my mom for dinner.

MALIK WASHINGTON: I'm Malik Washington. I'm an editorial assistant here at TELL ME MORE, and I'm going back home to Pittsburgh to enjoy some quality time with friends and family over a bonfire and drinks.

IRAN DAVAR ARDALAN: My name is Iran Davar Ardalan, a senior producer at TELL ME MORE, and I'll be out on the grill cooking up some Persian chicken kebabs with saffron rice for a family barbecue, and making time to finally frame my wedding photos.

BRIAN JARBOE: Hi, my name is Brian Jarboe. I'm a technical director for NPR's TELL ME MORE. And I plan on catching up on some much-needed sleep, playing a lot of music and hopefully, I'm going to make it up to the Maryland State Fair because that's always a lot of fun.

LYDEN: And that's our program for today. I'm Jacki Lyden. And you've been listening to TELL ME MORE, from NPR News. We wish you a happy and restful Labor Day. Let's talk more tomorrow.

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