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Low Country Boil

Courtesy of Amy Morgan
Low Country boil
Courtesy of Amy Morgan

Submitted by Amy Morgan of Germantown, Md. (by way of, among many other places, Augusta, Ga.)

When I was growing up in Georgia-lina, my family ate this dish all the time. Now that I'm in the D.C. area, far from family, I like to make it with my husband when we aren't able to go "home" for the holidays. It's like whipping up a little plateful of home. It's also more healthful than a lot of holiday dishes, and easy to tweak to the tastes — and the size — of your dinner crowd.

Our version of Low Country Boil is a big ol' pot of peel-and-eat shrimp ("scrumps"), smoked sausage pieces, corn on the cob and sometimes also new potatoes, boiled until tender with plenty of Old Bay seasoning and a dash of vinegar, served hot on a spread of newspapers, with a big crusty loaf of bread and butter. Mmm, y'all!

— Amy Morgan is a digital editor at NPR