NPR logo Pop-Up Politics: GOP Stump Speeches With A Twist

Pop-Up Politics: GOP Stump Speeches With A Twist

With the South Carolina primary just days away, watch newly animated stump speeches from Rick Perry and Rick Santorum with our "Pop-Up Politics" treatment. As VH1 did with music videos, we added pop-up bubbles and animation to excerpted segments of standard campaign stump speeches of five presidential candidates — embellishments that we hope will give you a better sense of the candidates and how they're selling themselves to voters. More pop-up videos of the candidates, as well as videos of President Obama, are also in the works. And our Inside NPR post explains what inspired us to start this story form here at NPR.

While you're watching the videos, links will appear underneath the screen to sources and more information so you can further explore the candidates' statements and positions. (We recommend watching in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9. Previous versions of IE may not support the sourcing element.)