Oops! I Did It Again

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Carl reads some recent newspaper corrections.

CARL KASELL: From NPR and WBEZ-Chicago, this is WAIT WAIT...DON'T TELL ME!, the NPR News quiz. I'm Carl Kasell. We're playing this week with Charlie Pierce, Faith Salie and PJ O'Rourke. And here again is your host, at the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago, Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Carl.


SAGAL: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. In just a minute, Carl predicts a Giants win and a strong game by quarterback E-Rhyme Manning.



SAGAL: It's a Listener Limerick challenge coming up. If you'd like to play, give us a call at 1-888-Wait-Wait, that's 1-888-924-8924. Right now, panel, we're going to play a new game, one we're calling?

KASELL: Oops, I did it again.

SAGAL: Every day, the few remaining newspapers in the country make mistakes. And then, because they're serious, they correct them. Faith, we're going to read you three recent corrections. Pick the real one and you get a point.

The New York Times had to issue a correction after mixing up which of these?

KASELL: Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton.


KASELL: The My Little Ponies Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle.


KASELL: Hilly Clinton and Suze Orman.


FAITH SALIE: Oh boy. I can see the last one because we're talking pantsuits on both.


SALIE: Pullman and Paxman?

SAGAL: Pullman and Paxton, Paxton/Pullman.

SALIE: Paxton, yeah, I would mix those up too. And the My Little Pony, you've got me there. I'm going to go with Pullman/Paxton.

SAGAL: No, it was actually the My Little Ponies. Let me quote the correction. An article on Monday misidentified a character from the animated children's TV show "My Little Pony." It is Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy intellectual, not Fluttershy, the kind animal lover.


PIERCE: The Times regrets the error.

SAGAL: Times regrets the error. Paper of record...

SALIE: Fluttershy is a suer, too. She would have sued them.

SAGAL: I know, a very litigious pony.

SALIE: My Litigious Pony.

SAGAL: My Litigious Pony.


PJ O'ROURKE: There's a show.

SAGAL: Yeah.

SALIE: For the young lawyer in training.

O'ROURKE: There's a show.

PIERCE: There are a lot of tiny kids sitting around their TV in three piece suits with briefcases.

SAGAL: All right, PJ, this one is from the Economist just a couple of weeks back. They had mistakenly referred to a man named Joshua Rosenthal as "Miss Rosenthal." That's a problem. But the real problem was the title of the article. Was it?

KASELL: Here's to you, Miss Rosenthal.


KASELL: This article is interesting, even though it's in the Economist.



KASELL: The value of a good editor.

O'ROURKE: It's the value of a good editor.

SAGAL: Yes, it was, very good.



O'ROURKE: Because I read that one: this article is interesting even though it's in the Economist.

SAGAL: And was it?

O'ROURKE: Four years ago, yeah, not bad.

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