NPR logo Interactive: January 2012 Day-To-Day Fundraising

Interactive: January 2012 Day-To-Day Fundraising

During a volatile first month of voting in the Republican primaries and caucuses, the four surviving candidates each raised between $4.5 million and $6.5 million. SuperPAC fundraising ranged from $11 million for the one supporting Newt Gingrich to $6.6 million for the pro-Mitt Romney superPAC, and closer to $2 million each for the superPACs backing Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Many of the superPAC totals were driven by huge donations given on specific days.

Select two candidates to compare daily fundraising for the Republican candidates, President Obama, and the superPACs that support them.


— Daily fundraising numbers are available only for itemized contributions from donors who have given more than $200. The candidates' monthly totals include both itemized and non-itemized contributions.
— SuperPAC totals may include contributions from organizations as well as individuals.