Your Letters: Trekkers Unite To Correct Error

Host Scott Simon reads from listeners' letters and handles a very important correction: a mistaken Star Trek clip.

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Time now for your letters.


SIMON: Today a correction, so maybe some music that's a little more suitable.


SIMON: Of course, that's the Klingon Battle Theme from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." But I'm guessing Cynthia Robinson from Monroe, Connecticut already knows that. She was just one of the Trek-kers who wrote in about a serious error we made in last week's interview with William Shatner. We were talking about Christopher Plummer and played this clip from Star Trek VI.


DAVID WARNER: (As Chancellor Gorkon) I offer a toast. The undiscovered country.

GROUP: The undiscovered country.

SIMON: And he gets one of the great, as far as I'm concerned, movie lines of all time.


WARNER: (As Chancellor Gorkon) You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.


WILLIAM SHATNER: That actually is a great line. And I worship great lines.

SIMON: Great line, but wrong actor. Cynthia Robinson set her email on stun. When interviewing anyone from the original cast of "Star Trek," you must do your homework or you will get e-mails like this one, she wrote. The audio clips that you played from "Star Trek VI" were not the voice of Christopher Plummer in his stellar role of Chang, but that of David Warner in his all-too-brief but well-acted role of Chancellor Gorkon. She added, Live long and prosper and buy yourself a compendium.

Well here's to you, Ms. Robinson. Of course you're correct. And we haven't picked up a compendium, but we offer you Christopher Plummer, the Klingon Shakespearian.


CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER: (As Chang) To be or not to be.

GEORGE TAKEI: (As Mr. Sulu) Target that explosion and fire.

SIMON: Whatever language you speak - Klingon, Ferengi, Borg or Esperanto - we'd like to hear from you. We're on Facebook and Twitter at NPRWeekend. I'm at NPRScottSimon. You can email or post your comments at, click on the link that says Contact Us. And live long and listen.


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