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Superman, Ja Rule Among 'Leaplings'

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Superman, Ja Rule Among 'Leaplings'

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Superman, Ja Rule Among 'Leaplings'

Superman, Ja Rule Among 'Leaplings'

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Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish highlight some people born on Leap Day.


Now, to the other big story of the day: it's Leap Day, February 29th. The odds of a birthday today: one in 1461.


Leaplings, as they're called, and include motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

TONY ROBBINS: What is it that's shaping that person's ability to contribute?

CORNISH: American rapper and actor Ja Rule.


JA RULE: (Rapping) I've been thinking about this relationship. And I want to know is this as good it gets 'cause...

SIEGEL: Singer-songwriter Gretchen Christopher who co-founded the popular 1950s group the Fleetwoods.


THE FLEETWOODS: (Singing) Dum dum, dum dum, do do dah, dum. Come softly darling dear...

SIEGEL: Today isn't just for Leaplings. Everyone can take part. As we heard in last week episode of the NBC sitcom, "30 Rock."


JACK MCBRAYER: (as Kenneth) Every four years, you get a magical extra day. A day to do the things you ordinarily wouldn't ordinarily do, to take chances. For instance, I am wearing a braided necklace with the shark's tooth on it.

KEITH POWELL: (as Toofer) I listen to rap music for the first time, not a fan.

JANE KRAKOWSKI: And you and I are going to a party thrown by a billionaire. Come on, take a leap - live.

CORNISH: (as Jenna) Perhaps a leap of faith.


CORNISH: Way back when, women in Ireland, among many places, weren't allowed to propose marriage to a man, except on February 29th.

SIEGEL: It's believed that tradition started in fifth century Ireland, though it's been attributed to various historical figures. According to legend, Saint Brigid complained to Saint Patrick that women had to wait too long for their suitors to pop the question.

CORNISH: Saint Patrick's solution: women could take matters into their own hands on this one extra day in the year.

SIEGEL: But for those of you thinking about getting married today, in Greece: Brides beware. It is considered unlucky there.

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