NPR logo How Fast Does Your State Foreclose?

How Fast Does Your State Foreclose?

Texas processes foreclosures fastest, with an average of 90 days. At the other end is New York, with an average of 1,019 days. Experts say there are pros and cons to getting through them both too fast and too slow. The national average is 348 days to complete a foreclosure.


- <strong>Judicial foreclosure: </strong>A process that requires courts to oversee and approve a foreclosure.<br />- <strong>Quasi-judicial foreclosure:</strong> Somewhere in the middle of judicial and nonjudicial. The state might require some oversight from the courts, but much of the process would happen outside, and there probably wouldn’t be a lawsuit.<br />- <strong>Nonjudicial foreclosure:</strong> A process by which foreclosures proceed entirely outside the courts, usually through the county recorder’s office, public notices and auctions.

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