NPR logo Interactive: February 2012 Day-To-Day Fundraising

Interactive: February 2012 Day-To-Day Fundraising

Mitt Romney and the superPAC supporting him continued to set the pace in GOP fundraising in February. But Rick Santorum also did well, raising $9 million, while the superPAC supporting him raised nearly $3 million. President Obama raised the most of all candidates for the month, and the new superPAC supporting his candidacy showed its first significant donations.

Select two candidates to compare daily fundraising for the Republican candidates, President Obama, and the superPACs that support them.


— Daily fundraising numbers are available only for itemized contributions from donors who have given more than $200. The candidates' monthly totals include both itemized and non-itemized contributions.
— SuperPAC totals may include contributions from organizations as well as individuals.