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It's Two Things In One

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It's Two Things In One

It's Two Things In One

It's Two Things In One

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John Chaneski leads the final round, in which contestants have to name something with two different definitions; for example, "Turkey" is both a bird and a country.


OK, it's what we've all been waiting for. It's our Ask Me One More final elimination round that will determine our ASK ME ANOTHER champion. Let's bring back the winners from all of our previous games. From, on the radio, we have Kristina Chacko.


EISENBERG: From Title Schmitle, Aviv Rubenstein. From Double Trouble, Jeff Schwartz. And Mad Man's Guide To Etiquette, Natalie Be'er.

OK, this game is called It's Two Things And One. And John, why don't you take it away.

JOHN CHANESKI: We're looking for words that do double duty in English. For example, if we ask you for a word that's both a cliff and a tactic in poker, you would say bluff. But we're going to mix it up and throw in famous names and places as well. Like a word that's both a country and a bird, would be, audience?


CHANESKI: Turkey, that's right. Give her a point. OK, contestants you'll only have a few seconds to give us an answer. We're playing this spelling bee style, if you get one answer wrong, you're out. Last person standing is this week's grand winner. Ready players?


CHANESKI: Here we go. Kristina. Starting with S, a sandwich and a form of transportation?


CHANESKI: Subway's fine. Aviv. Starting with I, an element and a golf club?


CHANESKI: Iron's right. Thank you. Jeff, starting with P, a Roman god and a Disney character?


CHANESKI: Yes. Natalie's next. Starting with S a Latin dance and a condiment?

BE'ER: No idea. Sorry.

CHANESKI: Let's see if Kristina knows it. Kristina a Latin dance and...?

CHAKO: Salsa.

CHANESKI: Salsa's right.


CHANESKI: Aviv, starting with B, a breed of dog and an athlete?


CHANESKI: Boxer's right.


CHANESKI: Jeff. Starting with L, a flower and a yoga position?


CHANESKI: Lotus is right.


CHANESKI: Kristina. Starting with Y, an exclamation and a website?

CHAKO: Yelp.

CHANESKI: Yelp is fine. Go to the back! We were looking for Yahoo, but that's fine.


CHANESKI: All right. Aviv, starting with W, a salad and a Muppet?


CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Jeff, starting with F, a poet and a weather forecast? Three seconds. Let's see...

SCHWARTZ: Freno(ph).

CHANESKI: Nice try. Let's see if Kristina can get it, Kristina, a poet...


CHANESKI: Fog is incorrect. Aviv you can steal it?


CHANESKI: Frost is correct.


CHANESKI: And Aviv wins the game.

EISENBERG: Aviv Rubenstein, you are our grand prize ASK ME ANOTHER champion. And we have for you the "Book of Mormon," full musical audio CD for you. The cast recording.

RUBENSTEIN: Thanks a lot.

EISENBERG: Congratulations.


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