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Triple A

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Triple A

Triple A

Triple A

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To become this week's grand prize winner, the final four contestants have to demonstrate a little word wisdom, as John Chaneski doles out clues to words that contain exactly three "A"s.


All right everybody this is what we've all been waiting for. It's our Ask Me One More final round and this final elimination round will determine this week's ASK ME ANOTHER champion, so let's bring back the winners from all of our previous rounds. From "Flagpole Sitta" we have Nadia Nelson. So What Are You Driving, Drew Mikluscak. B Somebody, Jessica Leeser and Double Feature, Kyle Warren.

This game is called Triple A. I think we're continuing a driving theme. I'm glad you're back puzzle-guru John Chaneski.

JOHN CHANESKI: Vroom-vroom. We're looking for words, phrases and names that contain exactly three As and no other vowels, not even a Y. So for example, if I said a U.S. state since 1959, the audience might say...


CHANESKI: Yes. OK. Contestants, you only have a few seconds to give us an answer. We're playing this spelling-bee style. If you get one answer wrong, you're out. Last person standing is this week's grand winner. OK, here we go. Remember, three As, no other vowels. Nadia, a fruit with a lot of appeal.

Five seconds.

NADIA NELSON: Oh. A fruit.

CHANESKI: Five, four, three, two...

NELSON: Guava? No, that's wrong. Forget it!

CHANESKI: No, sorry. We're going to see if Drew knows the answer. Drew? A fruit with a lot of appeal.

DREW MIKLUSCAK: Is it banana?

CHANESKI: It is banana, yes. OK. Drew back up. Jessica, step up. Where Bill Clinton was born.


CHANESKI: Arkansas is right.


CHANESKI: Kyle, Maybelline Great Lash is a popular brand of this.


CHANESKI: Mascara is right.


CHANESKI: Drew. Over 3 million square miles of Northern Africa.

MILUSCAK: Algeria?

CHANESKI: No. Let's see if... hang on, let's see if Jessica knows this. Jessica, over three million square miles of Northern Africa.

LEESER: If I get this wrong am I out?

CHANESKI: We - no, we don't know yet. Kyle will have to try to solve it.

JONATHAN COULTON: It will be better if you get it right.

CHANESKI: Yeah. Bad for Drew, good for you. Okay, time's up. Let's see if Kyle can get it. Kyle, 3 million square miles of Northern Africa.

WARREN: Sahara.

CHANESKI: Sahara's right.



CHANESKI: And I believe Kyle has knocked out all his other players and we have a winner!

EISENBERG: Kyle, you're a big winner! Congratulations! And you get our grand prize which is an amazing grand prize. The Gregory Brothers have agreed to record a song for your voicemail.


EISENBERG: That's right. In the style of a barbershop quartet.

EVAN GREGORY: And the name is Kyle. You guys are taping this and you're gonna put it on his voicemail? That's awesome. Jonathan, can you give us like maybe a B Flat?



ANDREW GREGORY: (Singing with other band members) You've reached the unreachable, Kyle.



EISENBERG: I think that is the most amazing thing we have ever done on this show.

GREGORY: Carl Cassell, eat your heart out.

EISENBERG: That's right. That is an amazing... that was just gorgeous. Thank you guys so much.

GREGORY: Thank you, thanks for having us.

EISENBERG: Yeah, Evan. Evan, Andrew, Michael and Sarah, The Gregory Brothers. Kyle got an unbelievable gift. That is...

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