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We could easily introduce this game by saying it's one of our staff favorites. But we could introduce just about every game that way, so please just note that is implied. This week we're offering you the chance to play host of NPR's Ask Me Another and quiz your friends with games we've run on the show. We'll provide the questions and answers; you provide the trivia party. Note: Try this at your next dinner party as an aperitif.

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If the TV series Mad Men is to be believed, the 1960s were a very different time - you could get drunk at the office, everyone smoked, and women were either secretaries or wives. So in this game we are taking you back or in some cases asking you channel your inner Don Draper or give us your best Joanie Holloway. We're going to ask you to answer questions based on the advice of etiquette manuals published in the early 1960s.

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(Game written by Noah Tarnow)