All Mixed Up

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Will Hines leads this final round, and determines a grand prize winner. Contestants must be sharp as a tack — or PACT AS A SHARK — for this game involves on-the-spot anagramming.


All right, so this is what we've all been waiting for. This is our Ask Me One More final round.


EISENBERG: We have all the winners from our previous games. We have from John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, David Balutanski.


EISENBERG: From Talk The Talk, Mike Taylor.


EISENBERG: From Love Triangles, Mary Elmer-DeWitt.


EISENBERG: Tasty Tunes, Sean Hawkins.


EISENBERG: And Not Quite French, Rachel Falk.


EISENBERG: Congratulations.

WILL HINES: OK contestants, so this is our final round, so we are showing you no mercy. We're going to do this spelling bee style, so you're going to - You're lined up there behind the microphone, I'll ask you a question. If you get it right, you go back to the end of the line and you're still in it. If you get it wrong, you have to leave the stage, back to your seat and you're out, until we have just one contestant left standing, who will be our champion.

EISENBERG: Sudden death.

HINES: Yes, are you prepared to play under these circumstances?

Yes, good, OK.

SEAN HAWKINS: What if everyone gets it wrong?

EISENBERG: What if everyone gets it wrong? Yeah, it's the end of the show, but I -



EISENBERG: I like the way you think immediately, what if everyone gets it wrong.

HINES: What if the worst possible thing happens?

HAWKINS: It's what I'm hoping for.

EISENBERG: It's a very comic way to think.

HINES: So the theme for these questions is called All Mixed Up. I'm going to give you a clue and then an anagram of the clue's answer, and then you tell me what the answer is. So, for example, if I say a river in Egypt and the word line, I'm waiting for you to say?


HINES: Yeah. Yes, that's right.

EISENBERG: Yeah, one.

HINES: Very good, Ophira.

OK, so you all set?


HINES: OK, here we go, let's begin. David, a month of the year, charm.


HINES: Right.


HINES: Mike, a type of fruit, among.


HINES: That's it.


HINES: Mary, a Shakespeare character, Thelma. Two seconds.

MARY ELMER-DEWITT: I - you know.

HINES: Oh Mary, sorry.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: See if Sean can get it.

HINES: Let's see if Sean can get it. Sean, a Shakespeare character, Thelma.

HAWKINS: Hamlet.

HINES: That's right.


HINES: Rachel, a type of fish, tutor.


HINES: That's right, tutor. Type of fish. Second.

FALK: Turbot.

HINES: Oh no, no, let's see David, type of fish, tutor. Tutor.


HINES: That's it.



HINES: Mike, a Canadian province, oration. O-R-A-T-I-O-N.

TAYLOR: Ontario.

HINES: That's right.


HINES: Sean, a dance, Burma. B-U-R-M-A.


HINES: That's right.


HINES: David, a US state, anime. A-N-I-M-E.


HINES: That's it.


HINES: Mike, it's in vitamin supplements, noir. N-O-I-R.




HINES: Sean, some say it's money, item. I-T-E-M. Two seconds.

Oh, that's it, Sean. David, some say it's money, item. Oh, David, I think that's it. All right, Mike, for the win. Some say it's money, item. I-T-E-M.


HINES: That's it.


HINES: And that's time.


Mike, you are our winner. We have our grand prize here. Yes, give him a huge round of applause.


EISENBERG: That was a heartbreaking game.

You will get Chuck Klosterman's brand new book "The Visible Man" and a Chuck Klosterman mixed original CD. There you go. Congratulations. Thank you, man.


EISENBERG: And our other contestants, they deserve so much love.

HINES: The other guys. And the other guys.


HINES: And girls. Yes.

EISENBERG: Well that's it for ASK ME ANOTHER, we have run out of time. But remember you can find us and a bunch of games we didn't get to play today on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR ASK ME ANOTHER.

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