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Puzzle genius Art Chung is literally a guiding light throughout this game. Contestants literally pass with flying colors. The literal world sounds insane. Literally!


Let's welcome our new contestants...


EISENBERG: ...Roderic Hodges and Bill McDonald.


EISENBERG: Bill, you are no stranger to the game show, are you?


EISENBERG: Why don't you tell me what you have been on, as far as game shows?

MCDONALD: I've been on two game shows.


MCDONALD: I was on "Jeopardy" and, before that, I was on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."



EISENBERG: ...and how did it go?

MCDONALD: And I managed to win about $125,000 on each of them.




COULTON: Dinner's on Bill, everyone.

MCDONALD: And I presume I can do that here tonight?




EISENBERG: You - there - we give away tons of love. OK, well your contestant is Roderic, and Roderic is, you know - he's pretty bright. You're in good hands here. Have you ever been on a game show before?

RODERIC HODGES: I've never been on a game show before.

EISENBERG: First time.

HODGES: I feel really inferior right now.

EISENBERG: You should not feel inferior, you have so much to offer, I can already tell. Are you feeling some nerves though?

HODGES: Of course.

EISENBERG: Yeah. Do you have an internal monologue, anything helping you out. Go, go, go, Roderic, something like that?

HODGES: I didn't until right now actually.

EISENBERG: OK. I would go with go, go, go, Roderic.

HODGES: Now it is, huh?

EISENBERG: OK, fantastic.


EISENBERG: Well this game is literally called Literally. Art, is this literally what I think it's about, Literally?

ART CHUNG: This is literally about the word literally because I'm just sick and tired of people who use the word literally when they mean figuratively.

COULTON: I have seen you respond to that, and when that happens you literally have steam coming out of your ears.


CHUNG: I literally go insane.

COULTON: You literally go insane with anger.

CHUNG: It's not pretty.


CHUNG: So in this game, we're going to ask you about people or things that are doing things literally. For example, Jonathan, what were the names of the original Siamese twins, who were literally joined at the hip, or sternum?

COULTON: They were named Chang and Eng.

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Now did you know that between the two of them, they had 21 children?

COULTON: No, I did not know that. Between the two of them?

CHUNG: Not literally between them, because they were joined at the hip.

COULTON: Right, they were joined at the hip.


EISENBERG: But was it 10 each and then one of them was like, ha, 11?

CHUNG: Eng went to 11, yes. Eng went to 11.

EISENBERG: That is competitive.

CHUNG: OK. Do you guys understand the game? Good enough, yeah. Hands on the bells.

EISENBERG: Bill's like, I don't know.

CHUNG: Bill's like, I won $250,000, I can do this.

EISENBERG: Yeah, exactly.

CHUNG: No problem.

EISENBERG: I'll figure it out as I go along, that's Bill's attitude.

CHUNG: All right. The first one with the most points will move to our Ask Me One More final round at the end of the show. This animal literally weighs a ton; but thanks to his size and sharp tusks, it only has two natural predators, the orca and the polar bear. (bell ringing) Bill.


CHUNG: That is correct, walrus.

EISENBERG: The walrus, yeah. Well done.


EISENBERG: I don't mean to, you know, start scripting how this might go, but Bill you seem really relaxed.


MCDONALD: Are you trying to make me nervous?

EISENBERG: I don't know, is it working?


EISENBERG: OK. Good to know.

CHUNG: In the Bible, Noah's ark was left literally high and dry on what mountain? (bell ringing) Is that Bill? (bell ringing)


CHUNG: That's Bill.

EISENBERG: Yeah, OK, we got it, Bill. We got it.

MCDONALD: Mount Ararat?

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Mount Ararat.


CHUNG: In 1865, John Wilkes Booth literally did break a leg in Ford's Theater, when he leapt from the presidential box after shooting Abraham Lincoln. He fractured his tibia and ran out the back door, but not before saying what? (bell ringing) Bill.

MCDONALD: Sic semper tyrannis.

CHUNG: Sic simper tyrannis is correct.



CHUNG: For no extra points, what does that mean?

MCDONALD: Say again?

CHUNG: For no extra points, what does that mean?

MCDONALD: Thus ever to tyrants.

CHUNG: That's right


EISENBERG: Wow, I love you way you said it, yeah.

CHUNG: Still angry, huh, Bill?

EISENBERG: It's like we were there.

CHUNG: You can literally hit paydirt at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, where visitors can keep any diamonds they find there. In what U.S. state (bell ringing) is this park located? Bill.

MCDONALD: Arkansas?

CHUNG: That is correct.


EISENBERG: Just another reason to go to Arkansas, all right.

CHUNG: Well that's the end of our game and, Bill, you did pull it off. You literally won.


MCDONALD: Thank you.

EISENBERG: Bill, you did it. Bill will be going on to our Ask Me One More final round. Another hand for Roderic.


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