Odd Couples

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John Chaneski is back to lead the final game, but only if he gets to be Oscar. Here are the "nuts and bolts": each clue points to a common phrase comprised of two different things. Just don't "crash and burn," OK?


OK, this is what we've all been waiting for, our Ask Me One More final round.


EISENBERG: Let's bring back the winners from all of our previous rounds. From Hail To The Musicians, we have Laura Spadanuta. All Answers Are Alliterative Brian Wolly, This, That Or The Other Hannah Magnolia, and Literally Bill McDonald. So this game is called Odd Couples. John, is this game about you and Art?

JOHN CHANESKI: Yes, except we're both slobs, that's the only difference, yeah. No, I'm - what we're going to do is we're going to play a game that is about common phrases that take the form blank and blank. I'll give you clues to the words in the blanks and you have to give us the phrase. But our clues aren't always going to be straightforward. We'll throw some curve balls in there, like homophones.

For example, if I said vegetables found in pods, and sticks in a poolroom, you'd say peas and cues, get it?

EISENBERG: So we're doing this spelling bee style, so you have a few seconds to give us the answer. One wrong answer and you're out, and the next player gets a chance to correctly identify the words. OK? And the last person standing is our grand prize winner. Ready, players? Yes, I got an eyebrow from Bill, so that's perfect. All right, here we go.

CHANESKI: Let's go. Laura. A word on an octagonal street sign, and the starting space on a Monopoly board.




CHANESKI: Now you step aside and then Brian is up. Brian, Actor Kevin, and things you hunt for on Easter.

BRIAN WOLLY: Bacon and eggs.

CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Hannah. A face-painted hard rock band, and legendary Swiss marksman William.




CHANESKI: William. One of your appendages, and Rapper MC.

BILL MCDONALD: Arm and Hammer.

CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Laura's back again. A group of connected hotel rooms, and what a lemon tastes like.

SPADANUTA: Sweet and sour?

CHANESKI: Oh, that's great, yes.


CHANESKI: Brian. An automobile, and a golf club.

MCDONALD: The first part?

CHANESKI: An automobile, and a golf club.

MCDONALD: Car and driver.

CHANESKI: That's right, car and driver.


CHANESKI: Hannah. A cocktail garnish, and a brand of stain remover. Three seconds. Time's up. Let's try Bill. Bill, a cocktail garnish, and a brand of stain remover.

MCDONALD: Twist and Shout.

CHANESKI: That is correct.


CHANESKI: Laura. Best Actress winner Helen, and Best Actor winner Gregory.

SPADANUTA: Hunt and Peck?

CHANESKI: That's right, Hunt and Peck.


CHANESKI: Brian. A mysterious ABC drama that ended in 2010, and establish, as a company.

MCDONALD: Lost and found.

CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Bill. Costume designer Edith, and what deltoid muscles cover.

MCDONALD: Head and shoulders.

CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Laura's back. Rockers who sang "Come Sail Away," and rockers who sang "Under My Thumb."


CHANESKI: Three seconds. Doesn't - give it up to Brian. Brian, can you get it?



CHANESKI: Nothing? Just give a shot? Rockers who sang "Come Sail Away," and rockers who sang "Under My Thumb." Any guess?


CHANESKI: No? Let's see if Bill knows it. Bill.

MCDONALD: Styx and Stones.

CHANESKI: Styx and Stones is right...

EISENBERG: Styx and Stones.

CHANESKI: ...and Bill takes it away for the win.


CHANESKI: Nice work.

EISENBERG: Bill McDonald, you're our grand prize winner for today's show. Congratulations.

MCDONALD: Thank you very much, Ophira.


EISENBERG: And our grand prize for you is priceless. It's bigger than money. You get lunch at Zola, which is in the Spy Museum, and two tickets to the Spy Museum just for you. Congratulations.


MCDONALD: Thank you very much.

EISENBERG: So that's it for this week's ASK ME ANOTHER, though it doesn't have to end here. We've got extra games, clues and maybe even some embarrassing pictures of John Chaneski on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

CHANESKI: All pictures of me are embarrassing.

EISENBERG: So go check them out, look us up, NPRAskMeAnother.

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