Peter O'Toole Bids Farewell To The Big Screen

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Just before his 80th birthday, actor Peter O'Toole announced he is retiring. He has been nominated eight times for Academy Awards but never won. He did receive an honorary Oscar.


"Lawrence of Arabia" is another classic film that's gone through an elaborate restoration. This year, the Cannes Festival screened the latest version, a release that comes 50 years after the film first arrived in movie theaters.


OMAR SHARIF: (as Sherif Ali) What is your name?

PETER O'TOOLE: (as T.E. Lawrence) My name is for my friends. None of my friends is a murderer.


That's Peter O'Toole in his most memorable role. He went on to receive eight Oscar nominations for his work in films, including "Becket," "The Stunt Man" and "My Favorite Year."

INSKEEP: O'Toole never won an Oscar, though he did then receive an honorary Oscar, and now he says it's time to, quote, "chuck in the sponge."

MONTAGNE: Peter O'Toole announced his retirement yesterday. He says he's bidding the profession, quote, "a dry-eyed and profoundly grateful farewell."

INSKEEP: O'Toole turns 80 years old next month.


INSKEEP: This is NPR News.

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