Olympic Runner Gets Pumped Up With Vampire Weekend

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U.S. Olympian Leo Manzano won the Silver Medal in the men's 1500 meter run, becoming the first American to do so since 1968. In Tell Me More's occasional series, "In Your Ear," Manzano talks about the kind of music that gets him pumped and ready to run.


And now it's time for the occasional feature we call In Your Ear. That's where we ask our guests what they've been listening to. Today we're checking in with Olympic medalist Leo Manzano. He took Silver in the men's 1,500 meter run, becoming the first American to do so since 1968. Here's the music he listens to when he needs to cool down or get fired up.


ANDREA BOCELLI: (Singing in Italian)

LEO MANZANO: This is Leo Manzano, 1,500 meter Silver medalist, the London Olympics. And one of the songs that I like to listen to when I'm relaxing is a song by Andrea Bocelli, "Con Te Partiro." It's a very relaxing song that I really like.


BOCELLI: (Singing in Italian)


MANZANO: When I'm - I try to be a little more upbeat, I listen to "Vampire Weekend."


VAMPIRE WEEKEND: (Singing) ...wouldn't park on the night. Dad was a risk taker, his was a shoe maker. You, greatest hits 2006 little list maker. Heard codes in the melodies, you heeded the call. You were born with 10 fingers, and you're gonna use 'em all.

MANZANO: "Vampire Weekend," I like to listen to when I'm kind of low on energy and those songs just really get me going.


WEEKEND: (Singing) Me and my cousins, and you and your cousins, it's a line that's always running. Me and my cousins and you and your cousins, I can feel it coming.


MANZANO: So the third band that I like is called Phoenix, and they have some really upbeat music. I mean they, it's some of the type of music that if it's one of those lazy mornings and you want to get going, just pop in some Phoenix.


PHOENIX: (Singing) From a mess to the masses, a Lisztomania. Think less but see it grow, like a ride, like a ride, oh. Not easily offended. It's not hard to let it go from a mess to the masses.

MANZANO: It'll definitely make you have a brighter day.


PHOENIX: (Singing) This is show time, this is show time, this is show time.

MARTIN: That's U.S. Olympian Leo Manzano. To listen to any of our previous conversations, just go to our website,, click on the Programs tab, and hit TELL ME MORE.


PHOENIX: (Singing) Time, time is your love, time is your love, yes time is your time...

MARTIN: And before we go, we want to welcome member station KERA FM in Dallas, Texas to the TELL ME MORE station family. And that's our program for today. I'm Michel Martin and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. Let's talk more tomorrow.


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