Tried And True Tricks For Beating A Cold

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Earlier this week, we talked with chefs about global folk cures for a cold. Now Melissa Block reads some recommendations from listeners for methods of easing the sniffles.


And now to another challenge of the winter months, the common cold. On Tuesday, we asked you to send us your tried and true cures.


And, boy, did you come through. Many of you recommended variations on the hot toddy, hot tea mixed with lemon and whisky or rum or cognac or brandy and cayenne pepper. A lot of you thought that was a key addition.

BLOCK: And here's some other more unusual ideas. Connie Lou(ph) of Denver says her mom swore by Coco-Cola boiled with ginger.

SIEGEL: Al Tyke(ph) of North Bethesda, Maryland, writes this: "My father, who grew up in Austria, Hungary, would occasionally make something he called a goggle-moggle, a concoction of hot milk, a raw egg, melted butter and honey for a cold and sore throat. But, Mr. Tyke continues, he was never able persuade me to try it.

BLOCK: Another idea comes from Sharon Hardy(ph) in Magnolia, Texas, who got this from a Brazilian friend. She says you take a whole onion, slice off the top and bottom and put it in a pan. Put in enough milk to almost fill your favorite large mug. Heat, don't boil, until the onion is soft. Pour the steaming onion infused milk into your mug and stir in about a tablespoon of honey, drink it and go to bed.

SIEGEL: Yum. Well, there's this option suggested by John Patterson(ph) of Barry, Vermont. He says, it's a cold cure from my Scottish grandparents. Take a basin of nearly boiling water and add dry mustard. Soak feet as soon as bearable. Take a shot of whiskey and put a towel over your head. When water is cool, go to bed in heavy socks and sweatshirt. And he adds, good for ages 10 and above.

BLOCK: And finally, Michael J. Graphics(ph) of South San Francisco says, I've always sworn by the two hats cold remedy. Here it is. Just put your favorite hat somewhere near the foot of the bed where you can see it. Snuggle into the covers with a bottle of your favorite spirits. And Graphics prefers the Highland Park 18-year-old whiskey. Focus on the hat and begin to sip your beverage.

When you see two hats, you won't necessarily be cured, but by then, you won't much care.

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