Panel Round One

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Questions for the panel: Big Brother is Instant Watching.


Right now, panel, it's time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Paula, it turns out that while we are watching Netflix, Netflix is doing what?


SAGAL: Exactly right.


SAGAL: This is true. Netflix's first original series just came out. It's a political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and directed by David Fincher. Why? Because their vast user database told them that Netflix watchers like Kevin Spacey, political thrillers and David Fincher. This is true.


SAGAL: They know everything about us. They know what we watch, when we watch it and even - this is true - what we rewind back to watch again. Yes.

TOM BODETT: I don't believe it. Then why isn't there a tool show with Penelope Cruz?



BODETT: Is it just me?

SAGAL: You may be an outlier, Tom.


SAGAL: I'm just saying.

POUNDSTONE: I would like to have a show where there is a section of the screen in a cat shape that isn't used.


SAGAL: So the cat could just sit in front of that.


SAGAL: And not block anything.




POUNDSTONE: Preferably with its butt sticking out towards you.


SAGAL: That would be awesome.

POUNDSTONE: Yeah. I'm a little lazy once I've sat down. I'm like, I'm not getting up to move that cat.



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