But Did You Read the Book?

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We've all done it: Skipped the reading assignment and rented the movie instead. (Because the six-hour Pride & Prejudice mini-series has Colin Firth, and the book does not.) In this Ask Me One More final round, the shorthand method will be put to the test. Our resident bookworm John Chaneski will give you the name of a book, and you have to name the film adaptation.


Finally, what we've all been waiting for. Let's bring back the winners of our previous rounds to play our Ask Me One More final round.


EISENBERG: From Answer in the Form of a Question: Nick Hudak. From Top Row: Lorna Jordan. From the Philosopher's Comedy Club: Stan Lee. From Call Me M.B.: Peter Hoffman. And from Buy a Vowel: Jessica O'Connell.


EISENBERG: And I'm going to ask our puzzle guru John Chaneski to take us out. What do we got, John?

JOHN CHANESKI: Our final game is called But Did You Read the Book? Many films are based on books or short stories, but some don't share the original title. For this game, we'll give you the name of the original written work and you have to tell us the movie it spawned. As an extra clue, we'll also tell you one of the stars of the film.

For example, if we said "The Accidental Billionaire" as the founding of Facebook, starring Jessie Eisenberg, you would say "The Social Network." Now we're playing this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have s few seconds to give us your answer and the last person standing is our grand winner. Nick, "Anna and the King of Siam," starring Yul Brynner.

NICK HUDAK: "The King and I."

CHANESKI: That's correct.


CHANESKI: Lorna, "Queen Bees and Wannabes" starring Tina Fey.

LORNA JORDAN: "Mean Girls."

CHANESKI: That's right.


CHANESKI: Stan, "Push" starring Gabourey Sidibe.

STAN LEE: "Pull" by somebody else.

CHANESKI: No, I'm afraid not.


CHANESKI: Step away, Stan. Peter, do you know "Push" starring Gabourey Sidibe?

PETER HOFFMAN: "Precious."

CHANESKI: "Precious" is correct.


CHANESKI: Very good, Peter.

Jessica, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," starring Harrison Ford.

JESSICA O'CONNELL: "Blade Runner."

CHANESKI: "Blade Runner" is right, last second.


CHANESKI: Nick, "Emma' starring Alicia Silverstone.

HUDAK: What is "Clueless?"

CHANESKI: "Clueless" is correct. You're not on "Jeopardy," you don't have to answer in the form of a question. It's quite all right, I see.


CHANESKI: Lorna, "The Orchid Thief," starring Nicholas Cage.

JORDAN: "Adaptation."

CHANESKI: "Adaptation" is right.


CHANESKI: Peter, "Wise guy: Life in a Mafia Family," starring Ray Liotta.

HOFFMAN: "Goodfellas."

CHANESKI: "Goodfellas" is right.


CHANESKI: "Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counterterrorist Team," starring Eric Bana.

O'CONNELL: "Argo."

CHANESKI: No, it's not "Argo." Let's see if Nick can get it.

HUDAK: "Munich."

CHANESKI: "Munich" is right. Way to go, Nick.


CHANESKI: Lorna, "Homer's Odyssey," starring George Clooney. Three seconds.

JORDAN: "Ocean's 11."


CHANESKI: Step - not "Ocean's 11." Peter?

HOFFMAN: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

CHANESKI: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" is correct.


CHANESKI: Thank you, Lorna. Now we're down to two, Nick and Peter. Nick, "Rocket Boys: A Memoir," starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

HUDAK: "October Sky."

CHANESKI: That's right, "October Sky" is right.


CHANESKI: Peter, "Father Goose: One Man, a Gaggle of Geese and their Real Life Incredible Journey South," starring Jeff Daniels.

HOFFMAN: Oh. Yay, Nick.


CHANESKI: Okay, let's see if Nick knows. Nick, do you know it?

HUDAK: "Fly Away Home."

CHANESKI: "Fly Away Home" is correct and you are the winner, Nick. Congratulations.


EISENBERG: Nick, you are our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner. Your prize is not only a signed copy of Keli Goff's book, but in case you didn't know all the answers to our "Law & Order" trivia game, you can watch it constantly on Netflix for the next three months on us, as we're giving you a free Netflix steaming account. Congratulations.


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