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Listeners Share Their First-Time-Ever Christmas Plans

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Weekend Edition asked you to share something memorable you'll be doing for the first time this Christmas. NPR's Rachel Martin shares some of your stories.


This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin. A few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us what you might be doing for the first time this Christmas. Thank you so much for your submissions; there were hundreds. We read them all. And we wish we had time to share them all, but here are just a few.


MARTIN: To kick off your first Christmas stories, we have brother and sister Henry and Naomi Wager(ph) from Cooperstown, New York.


NAOMI WAGER: I would have to say the first Christmas with our kittens.

HENRY WAGER: Well, it's my first Christmas in a house and with my grandparents, so I'm really excited to spend some holiday time with them.


CHULET JULIANA: My name is Chulet Juliana(ph). OK, I was a single mom for 14 years. My daughter is now 23. She told me that she wasn't going to be home with me this Christmas. It's the first time ever. I am so happy. I'm going to miss her but I don't have to put up the real tree, I don't have to make some big, crazy complicated dinner. I can do exactly what I want. I can go to the movies in the middle of the day. I am so excited.


FATHER JOHN SHERIDAN: My name is Father John Sheridan. This is my first Christmas as pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Middleboro, St. Martha and Mary in Lakeville and also St. Rose of Lima Family. It's going to be a very busy Christmas Eve and a very busy Christmas Day. And I'm joining my family for Christmas dinner.


TREY ALEXANDER: My name is Trey Alexander and this summer I came out as a gay man. I recently went on a cruise and met someone very special. For the first time this holiday season, I'll be in a new relationship - this time with a man.


KATE HERNANDEZ: My name is Kate Hernandez. This Christmas will be my first as a nurse. I agreed to work Christmas so that my co-workers could be at home with their families. While I may have to reorganize my family's Christmas around my work schedule, it doesn't matter to me so much as I get a good feeling from giving others my time.


AMELIA SNELLING: My name is Amelia Snelling and this will be the first year that I will be making a traditional kreb crocker dinner, which is a Swedish potato dumpling with salt pork in the middle. And I will also be reading a Norwegian prayer to honor my husband's heritage.


JEWEL RILEY: My name is Jewel Riley. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, and this is the first year we've cut down a Christmas tree together as a family from the national forest. It's pretty awesome.


ERICA MITTEN: Hi, my name is Erica Mitten(ph). For the first time this Christmas, my brother is stationed overseas in Germany. So, we all packed up our presents and sent them over to Germany about a month ago to make sure they got there on time. And we're all going to meet at the same time over Skype and open them together. And hopefully, it'll feel like Christmas used to.

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