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    Members of Romania's Fanfare Ciocarlia perform a blazing set during globalFEST at New York City's Webster Hall on Jan. 12, 2014.
    Ebru Yildiz for NPR
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    Such brass bands are the descendants of the military bands popular across the Ottoman empire in the 19th century — but with a style all their own.
    Ebru Yildiz for NPR
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    For roughly two decades, this mighty band of Romani (Gypsy) musicians from a small village in northeastern Romania have traveled the world with their songs, and become the subjects of two films in the process.
    Ebru Yildiz for NPR

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Fanfare Ciocarlia 2014




If any band has figured out how to marry breakneck speed with astonishing chops, it's Fanfare Ciocarlia (pronounced "fan-FAR-eh cho-car-LEE-ah"). With a playlist that veers from traditional Romani (Gypsy) tunes to covers of "Born to Be Wild" and Duke Ellington's "Caravan," this brass band from northwestern Romania has set the pace, literally, for close to two decades.

And as soon as this oversized outfit of horns, winds and drums arrived on the main globalFEST stage, the folks in the audience knew exactly what to do: They began pogoing ecstatically until the floorboards shook.

  • "Vivaldi"
  • "Ruseasca Lui Filon"
  • "Sirba Monastirea"
  • "Ciobanasul"
  • "Ciocarlia"
  • "Lume, Lume"
  • "Hurichestra"
  • "Caravana"
  • "Nicoleta"
  • "Asfalt Tango"
  • "Iag Bari"
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