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We're looking for music to snap us out of a winter funk. Melissa Block and Audie Cornish ask listeners for tracks to add to an All Things Considered cabin fever playlist — songs that get your blood pumping and body moving, despite weeks of cold, gray days.


Here in our D.C. headquarters last week, we were lamenting the bitterly cold weather - how it freezes you to the marrow, saps your strength, makes you want to curl up in a warm hole with a warm blanket, and do not a darn thing. Then one of us made this confession.

MELISSA GRAY, BYLINE: When I can't take it anymore, I put on "Superstition," by Stevie Wonder.


GRAY: I mean, the funky riff on that song, I get it in the car, and I butt dance all the way from my house to work. But I can only do it once a week because it really wears me out.



That, folks, was a dramatic re-enactment of the actual confession by the actual ATC staffer-producer Melissa Gray. She explains butt dancing like this.

GRAY: Well, it's not like twerking. I mean you're stuck in the car, so you're just dancing on your behind. I mean everybody does it.

BLOCK: Everybody does it, maybe even without realizing it. So let's give it a go; we're going to follow that funky riff.


CORNISH: Twerk-free, thankfully.


STEVIE WONDER: (Singing) Very superstitious, nothing more to say...

BLOCK: Well, this whole discussion got us curious: What is your break-a-glass-in-case-of-winter song; the song that gets your blood pumping, your bottom moving, despite a string of cold, gray, dreary days?

CORNISH: We want to make an ALL THINGS CONSIDERED Cabin Fever Playlist - just a little something-something to keep us going until spring.

BLOCK: Keep us grooving until spring.

CORNISH: Alive until spring. And yes, we'll share the playlist once we've got it together. Send us your song nominations at Click on Contact Us, and include Cabin Fever in the subject line.

BLOCK: You can also send us a tweet. We are @npratc.

So Audie, we now have Stevie Wonder on the playlist. What's your nomination for the Cabin Fever list?

CORNISH: Hmm, a little pick-me-up - I'd say Aretha Franklin's "Say a Little Prayer."


ARETHA FRANKLIN: (Singing) Forever, forever, forever, ever, you stay in my heart, and I will love you. Forever, forever, and ever, ever, we never will part. Oh, how I love you...

CORNISH: This one gives you that little shimmy feeling, right?

BLOCK: And Audie, you'd be singing along here if you were in your car?

CORNISH: I would be, definitely.



FRANKLIN: (Singing) Could be heartbreak for me. Mmmm...

CORNISH: Melissa, what about you?

BLOCK: Well, I've been thinking about this. It would have to be - I'm going to go to Southwestern Louisiana to the late, great zydeco king Beau Jocque, who gets you moving with this song - well, any song, really, but one in particular, "Slide and Dip It."


BEAU JOCQUE: (Singing) Slide, dip it. Slide. Oh, what you singing? Go ahead and dip it. And dip it, dip it. Move it to the right...

BLOCK: You feeling it, Audie?

CORNISH: I do. I picture you dancing it in the kitchen.


BLOCK: In the kitchen or in Louisiana, better yet. But yeah, all these great, funky, space-hooky riffs onto thoze zydeco rhythms, you can't sit still.

CORNISH: All right, awesome. Well, we've got three suggestions for our playlist to start. Send us more at, or tweet us @npratc.


JOCQUE: (Singing) Oh, watch yourself. Watch yourself. Aw, yeah. Uh-uh, yeah, yeah. Yah...

BLOCK: This is NPR News.

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