A Film Producer On The Rise, Hollywood Gets Biblical

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The online magazine Ozy covers people, places and trends on the horizon. Co-founder Carlos Watson joins All Things Considered regularly to tell us about the site's latest feature stories.

This week, Watson talks about a rising film producer who is getting his big break this year and the swath of films coming out dealing with biblical stories and Greek mythology.

The New And The Next

  • Film Producer Will Packer's Breakout Year

    Will Packer i
    Kevin Kwan
    Will Packer
    Kevin Kwan

    "This young guy from Florida, who was always a movie lover, finally seems to be getting his big break. He's partnered up with the hot comedian of the day, Kevin Hart. They've got a series of films coming out. And just to hear the back story of this former engineer who graduated magna cum laude from Florida A&M, but who's turned his attention to the movies, it's exciting to see what he's building. And he now has a big deal with Universal Studios, which is bringing a series of films this year."

    Read 'Will Packer, the Hollywood Hitmaker' On Ozy.com

  • Hollywood Takes On The Bible And Greek Mythology

    "It turns out, believe it or not, that between now and the Christmas holidays there will be seven big budget Hollywood films kind of taking you back to kind of Greco-Roman, biblical sort of topics. So you've got one on Pompeii, you've got a big one starring Russell Crowe, called Noah. You've got a big one coming this summer called Hercules starring the guy formerly known as The Rock, now referred to as Dwayne Johnson. ... Hollywood is beating a theme in 2014."

    Read 'Coming Soon to a Movie Theater Near You: Noah, Moses + God' On Ozy.com

  • E-Books For A Female Audience

    "A couple of writers and executives — Peggy Northrop and Laura Fraser — looked up and saw some of the biggest services having 80 to 90 percent male writers, and said, 'This is kind of crazy, given that 70 percent of the readers are women.' So they created something called Shebooks.net, with the idea of profiling and ultimately representing more and more female writers of these long, short stories. ... I went online to look at some of the really interesting e-books they had and what a tantilizing variety of memoirs, of interesting cooking books, travel features ... a really healthy mix in their first wave. They just launched in December, by the way, so a lot here is new."

    Read 'E-Lit For The Ladies' On Ozy.com



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