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Songs We Love: Alessia Cara, 'Here'

Songs We Love: Alessia Cara, 'Here'

"Here" is Alessia Cara's debut single on Def Jam. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of the artist

"Here" is Alessia Cara's debut single on Def Jam.

Courtesy of the artist

Alessia Cara has had a successful YouTube page in the last couple years; it showcases the 18-year-old's live, mostly acoustic covers of songs by Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and more. What's most striking about these videos is the strength of her voice and her confident delivery, and now her original song "Here" is poised to take her to a whole new stratosphere.


"Here" is an anthem for the outsider — the person who feels alone and out of place in a room full of partygoers. Cara's phrasing, the relatability of her words and the coolness of the production help make this track instantly likable and universal. If not the song of the summer, "Here" is likely to at least rank among the most memorable.

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