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Want To Be An NPR Intern?

Who Should Apply:

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) or person who has graduated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the internship period to which he/she is applying. We do not accept high school students. Interns must be authorized to work in the United States.

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Read position descriptions and apply for internships on the Career Portal below.

Career Portal

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How to Apply:

Visit the Career Portal. Select "Intern" from the Category dropdown list to view available internships and read a complete description and requirements of each position. Through the portal you'll be able to complete profile information, upload resume, cover letter, and writing samples.

To apply for multiple positions at once, submit all application materials to up to three internships each semester. If you are loading multiple cover letters, name the file with the specific internship title.

Internships Typically Offered

All Things Considered, Morning Edition (DC and NPR West), Code Switch, Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (Chicago), Ask Me Another (New York)

News Units:
National, Education Desk, Arts, Science, Social Media, Washington Desks, Planet Money (New York Bureau), NPR Music, News Apps

News, Arts and Entertainment Editorial, Picture and Multimedia

Marketing/Communications, Finance, Development, IT, Legal, Ombudsman, Development, Sponsorship, Business Development, Library, Distribution, Digital Services (Boston)

When to Apply and Important Dates

Internships are offered three semesters throughout the year: winter/spring, summer and fall.

Applications for the Fall semester are now available. Deadline to apply is extended to Sunday, July 16th, 11:59PM EST.

Fall 2017

September 11, 2017 – Internship begins
December 8, 2017 – Internship ends

Winter/Spring 2018

January 8, 2018 – Internship begins
April 20, 2018 – Internship ends

Summer 2018

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Internship Opportunities

A learning experience like no other. The NPR internship program has a rich history, helping us discover nearly 10% of our current staff including Ari Shapiro, Audie Cornish, Guy Raz and many more.

From Day 1, interns at NPR are given real-world, hands-on responsibilities. Working alongside top professionals in the field, interns do meaningful work across a variety of departments at NPR. Find out how you can contribute your diverse talents to gain invaluable experience at the heart of a thriving multimedia organization.

Interns at NPR play a vital role in NPR's daily operations in almost every division of the organization - from NPR News and Music, to Communications and Engineering. Interns are also offered training opportunities. And here's the best part — you don't have to be an intern to start learning. You can access NPR Training's free website today.

Application Process

Who We Want:

NPR's interns chilling with CEO Jarl Mohn on a hot day. Caitlin Sanders/NPR hide caption

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Caitlin Sanders/NPR

NPR's interns chilling with CEO Jarl Mohn on a hot day.

Caitlin Sanders/NPR

We are looking for students and recent graduates who are smart and creative, good researchers and excellent writers. Interns need to both work well on diverse teams and thrive with individual assignments.

Candidates don't need to know everything about NPR or public radio, but it helps to be at least a little familiar. And it doesn't hurt to love NPR.

For more details on unique requirements for individual internship positions (cover letter, writing sample, design portfolio for example), see the internship descriptions for more details.

Internship Details

Pay and Academic Credit:

Interns are expected to work full time (40 hours per week). However, during winter/spring and fall semesters, part-time interns (at least 20 hours per week) will also be accommodated.

All interns are paid $12.50 per hour. The amount received during the internship is based on hours per week and the length of the internship period.

Candidates don't need to know everything about NPR or public radio, but it helps to be a least a little familiar. And it doesn't hurt to love NPR. Benjamin B. Morris/NPR hide caption

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Benjamin B. Morris/NPR

Winter/Spring (40 hrs/wk for up to 14 weeks): a max of $7,000
Summer (40 hrs/wk for up to 12 weeks): a max of $6,000
Fall (40 hrs/wk for up to 14 weeks): a max of $7,000

Interns may also receive academic credit. NPR does not offer transportation or housing assistance.


Internship positions are offered at our national headquarters in Washington, D.C.; NPR West in Culver City, CA; at the New York and Chicago Bureaus; and in Boston, MA. The location is listed in each of the internship descriptions.

Many Member Stations offer internships of their own: check your local station's website for details.


For housing options, please visit the WISH website.

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) locations house interns only, are furnished, in the historic District and Metro accessible. Receptions, outings and professional development events are free to all residents. ***WISH offers NPR interns a 10% discount on general rates for spring and fall semesters. Visit or email for more info!

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