Leadership at NPR

Jarl Mohn
President and CEO

The corporate team includes, in alphabetical order:

Michael F. Beach
Vice President, Distribution

Zach Brand
Vice President, NPR Digital Media

Emma Carrasco
Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Audience Development

People at NPR

programming: staff and contributors

board of directors: governance officers

Deborah A. Cowan
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance

Marty Garrison
Vice President, Technology Operations, Distribution, and Broadcast Engineering

Anya Grundmann
Acting Vice President, Programming

Monique Hanson
Chief Development Officer

Jonathan Hart
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Gemma Hooley
Vice President, Member Partnership

Loren Mayor
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Oreskes
Senior Vice President, News and Editorial Director

Marjorie Powell
Vice President, Human Resources

Mike Riksen
Vice President, Policy and Representation

Christopher Turpin
Vice President, News Programming and Operations

Keith Woods
Vice President, Diversity in News and Operations


Elizabeth Jensen
Ombudsman/Public Editor

National Public Media

Gina Garrubbo
President, CEO of NPM

Bryan Moffett
General Manager of NPM

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