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Stone and Holt Weeks Fellowship: Details and Application

In memory of Stone and Holt Weeks, following their tragic deaths in 2009, NPR and The Washington Post have partnered to give a promising individual the opportunity to launch a career in journalism. This fellowship consists of two sessions, 12 weeks at The Washington Post and 12 weeks at NPR, with training in reporting for print, radio and the web.

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To apply, complete the application form and submit it by April 30.

The Fellowship is both educational and experiential. At NPR, the Fellow is trained in radio and digital production and report on the National, Washington or Business desk. The Washington Post session gives Fellow experience with publishing original stories and other news content. At both organizations, the Fellow has individual sessions with leading journalists and receive guidance on the most important skills of the trade.

The Stone and Holt Weeks Fellow learns about the role of journalism in "making the world a better place." This Fellowship offers a broad exposure to the relationship between journalism and public education, citizenship, social change and democracy, and will learn that a major aim of journalism, as expressed a century ago by author Finley Peter Dunne, is "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship

Candidate Qualifications
Anyone who will have received a bachelor's degree by July 15 is eligible to apply for the Fellowship. Individuals with additional education and experience are welcome to apply. While a demonstrated appetite for journalism is desired, there is no specific requirement for a journalism degree or experience as a journalist.

More Questions?

Read our frequently asked questions for more information about the Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship.

Application Process
Applications must be postmarked by April 30. Finalists will be notified in early June and invited to travel to Washington, D.C., for an interview with the fellowship committee. Travel costs for the interview will be paid by NPR and The Washington Post. The selected candidate will be notified by the end of June and asked to confirm his or her commitment early in July. The fellowship begins after Labor Day.

Submit Application, with Supporting Materials, To:
The Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship
1111 North Capitol St., NE
Washington, DC 20002

About Stone & Holt Weeks
Stone and Holt Weeks were brothers and best friends. They were victims in a tragic highway crash in the summer of 2009. Stone was 24. Holt was 20.

Stone and Holt Weeks

They were extraordinary, focused young men committed to doing great work: in history, public policy and environmental issues. They were insatiably curious, ambitious, wildly fun-loving and dedicated to making the world a better place. They had a keen social conscience and were enthusiastic volunteers for good causes. They were, as the National Journal said, "devoted to helping less fortunate people and fixing our troubled world."

Their passion for up-to-the-minute news was inspired and informed by an equal passion for history and politics. This fellowship is to celebrate their brief, brilliant lives - and to honor what might have been - by giving someone this enormous opportunity to launch a career in journalism.

Their father, Linton Weeks, is a reporter at NPR and spent nearly two decades at The Washington Post. Their mother, Jan Taylor Weeks, is an artist, teacher and volunteer. In recognition of Stone and Holt, and of Linton's lifelong service as a journalist and storyteller, NPR and The Washington Post joined together to create this unique fellowship.

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