NPR logo NPR News Interview With U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry

NPR News Interview With U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry

NPR News Interview: Secretary of State John Kerry Gives Latest on Syria

Tells NPR He Hopes Syria's Chemical Weapons Shipped Out of Country

In an interview airing tomorrow on NPR's Morning Edition, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with host Renee Montagne about his hope for Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles to be quickly consolidated and shipped out of the country. Highlights from the interview will be available tomorrow morning from The Two-Way blog at

Kerry made the statement in response to a question about whether international weapons inspectors, tasked with destroying Syria's massive in-country stockpiles, will have an effect on President Bashar Al Assad's time in power.On efforts to remove the chemical arsenal from the region, Kerry says: "We know the locations, locations have been declared. Locations are being secured. And my hope is that much of this material will be moved as rapidly [as] possible into one location, and hopefully on a ship and removed from this location."

The interview is airing tomorrow, October 17, on Morning Edition, with the full audio and report available at at 5AM (ET). No rush transcript will be available.


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