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NPR Funds Two Pilots From 2017 Story Lab Workshop

The ten teams from all across the country participated in NPR's Spring 2017 Story Lab Workshop. Bria Granville/NPR hide caption

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Bria Granville/NPR

The ten teams from all across the country participated in NPR's Spring 2017 Story Lab Workshop.

Bria Granville/NPR

Selected projects explore Native American treaties and the trans-Alaska pipeline

Monday, June 19, 2017; Washington D.C. – The NPR Story Lab has selected two audio projects that will receive editorial support and $10,000 in funding to launch pilot episodes of their podcasts and create broadcast segments for NPR newsmagazines.

The two teams were chosen among ten others that participated in NPR's Story Lab Workshop in March.

"We're thrilled to be supporting talented storytellers and journalists in creating original work that will benefit local communities and also contribute important stories to our national news programs," said Anya Grundmann, NPR Vice President for Programming and Audience Development.

"Midnight Oil," from Alaska Public Media, explores the Trans-Alaska pipeline's drastic effects on the state. The narrative podcast tells the story of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, which has run through the lives of many Alaskans since the first barrel of oil flowed down it in June 1977. The podcast is produced by Elizabeth Harball, Rashah McChesney, Rachel Waldholz of Alaska's Energy Desk.The first episode of "Midnight Oil" will drop on June 20.

"Inter(Nation)al" is a multi-platform series that tells the story of America's past and present through the lens of treaties between Native Americans and the U.S. government. The series was created by an independent production team – Allison Herrera (Salinan), Josephine Holtzman, and Isaac Kestenbaum – and is in the early stages of development.

NPR Story Lab

The NPR Story Lab is looking for great ideas. In fact, we're an idea hub – generating new segments for our news programs, creating radio shows, and launching new podcasts. We want to collaborate with member stations and independent producers. We want to work with new talent that brings a fresh perspective to NPR. We want to keep innovating and leading in the podcast and radio world. The NPR Story Lab is a true creative studio at the heart of NPR, one that fosters experimentation and continues to evolve the sound of public radio. Tell us your ideas, and let's make stuff!

NPR Story Lab Senior Producer Michael May has worked closely with both teams, helping them mold their content to feature on NPR newsmagazines, in addition to creating pilot episodes.

The NPR Story Lab Workshop is a three day audio storytelling training for Member station teams and independent producers from across the nation at NPR HQ. Participants pitch and produce innovative projects ideas, and receive mentorship and product design assistance from a core group of leaders from across NPR's content divisions, including Programming, News, NPR One and NPR Training.

The next Story Lab Workshop will be held in Spring 2018.

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