Martina Baillie: Cultural Desk Intern. Washington University. Martina is a political science major. She is originally from England, and currently from New Jersey. Martina is working primarily as Susan Stamberg's intern.

Chiwen Bao: SPAR Intern. Harvard University. Chiwen, a psychology major, is passionately interested in learning, and finds NPR to be fuel for her constant exploration of new areas. Life outside of NPR includes martial arts, cooking, reading, piano, and other forms of enjoying life.

Neal Carruth: Cultural Desk Intern. University of Michigan. Neal is a recent graduate of University of Michigan, where he studied philosophy and psychology. He is interested in pursuing a career in arts and cultural reporting.

Kelsi Charlesworth: On-Air Fundraising Intern. Illinois State University. Kelsi came to NPR because, as she says, "I believe in what they do, their mission. I think they provide unique, engaging, and creative programming that you can't find anywhere else. It has been an incredible experience for me to play an active part in an organization that I've greatly admired for years."

Alex Cohen: Weekend Edition Sunday Intern. Brown University, B.A. in Religious Studies University of California - Berkeley, Masters in Journalism 1999. Alex is thrilled to be at NPR, the "mothership of public radio" and hopes to do production work here full-time someday. Before deciding to pursue a career in public radio, Alex's work experiences included building parade floats, teaching English in Japan, bartending, and coordinating the "Young Hollywood Talent" number for the Oscars.

Sarah Ernst-Edwards: Jazz Programming and Anthem Intern. Music major at Smith College, B.A. expected 2000. Sarah enjoys walks in the park; romantic candlelight dinners; NPR; playing in her jazz combo, The Satin Dolls; and working as a jazz DJ and "Specialty Director" at Smith's own radio station, WOZQ.

Shanti Eswaren: Science Desk Intern. University of California at Berkeley, B.A. University of Michigan, M.D. expected. Shanti is originally from San Francisco. She chose NPR because, in her own words: "The road to an M.D. is a very tough, focused, and narrow one. If you always stay on that mapped out path, you'll never know what you could become. Plus, I enjoy teaching, and educating the general public about science is sort of like that."

Christopher Graves: Washington Desk Intern. Morehouse College. Christopher James Graves, known to most as "C.J.", is currently a rising sophomore at Morehouse College. He is here in hopes of fulfilling his kindergarten dreams of becoming a great broadcaster. (And famous, of course!)

Ashley Gross: Morning Edition Intern. Columbia University, Master's in International Affairs, 1999. Ashley was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Although she hasn't lived there for years, she goes back to visit her family, get a dose of sun, and eat lots of green chile. After graduating from college, Ashley taught English in Japan for two years. Her dream is to become a radio reporter with an NPR member station on the West Coast.

Matthew Jones: Radio Expeditions Intern. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matt, a Political Science and American Studies major, will continue as a junior at UNC next fall. This summer he is enjoying working with the Radio Expeditions team, battling the oppressive heat, and eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches each day for lunch.

Jonathan Kang: Legal Intern: George Washington University. Jonathan Kang just finished his first year at the George Washington University School of Law. He is an avid fan of NPR, wine, backpacking, and lawyer jokes. "The National Institutes of Health announced today a switch from rats to lawyers in lab experiments. NIH cited three reasons: 1) researchers become too attached to their rats; 2) humanitarian groups do not object to the unethical treatment of lawyers; and 3) there are just some things a rat won't do."

Mushtaq Kapasi: Washington Desk Intern. Yale Law School. Mushtaq is currently operating as an assistant to Nina Totenberg. He has played Touchstone the Fool, in As You Like It, and once came in third on (regular) Jeopardy!, after bombing on a video Daily Double featuring Gerald Ford as a Boy Scout.

Michael Klinger: Performance Today Intern. Eastman School of Music. Originally from White Plains, NY, Michael is a violin student at Eastman School, in Rochester.

Kavita Kumar: All Things Considered Intern. Brown University. Kavita will enter her senior year at Brown University in the fall where she studies American Civilization with a focus in Ethnic Studies. She hopes to combine her interests in issues of race, gender, class, and immigration with her passion for writing/storytelling through a career in journalism.

David Madden: Jazz Intern. University of Pennsylvania, B.A. expected 2001. David hails from Rockville, MD. He will be a junior at UPenn, where he studies sociology, anthropology, and literature. David's other interests are primarily in jazz music; hence, he is an intern for Jazz programming. He will be studying in Prague next semester.

Jason Margolis: National News Desk Intern. University of California at Berkeley. Jason is currently studying at the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He is a great lover of American and Roman history, and believes that Candlestick Park will go down in history as having the same prominence as the Roman Coliseum.

Miriam Matteson: Library Intern. Indiana University, B.S. in Music and Master's in Library Science. Postgraduate: University of North Carolina. Miriam is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Information and Library Science called the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS). Before returning to Graduate School in 1998, she and her husband lived for 2 years in Venezuela, where she worked in a university library and learned Spanish.

Belia Mayeno-Choy: Weekend All Things Considered Intern. Laney College. Belia is working at the WATC desk. She has several unconventional pets, including Ferdinand the snake; Romolo, the iridescent shark; and Inky and Sipowicz, the African Water frogs.

Irene Nolan: Weekend Edition Saturday Intern. Irene is studying Gaelic and music at Maynooth University in Ireland. She has worked at her college radio station, and has always been interested in radio.

Stephanie Purdy: Talk of the Nation Intern. University of Michigan. Stephanie is a recent graduate from the Residential College of the University of Michigan, where she majored in Social Science, an interdisciplinary and very broad degree. She has been listening to NPR forever, and somewhat obsessively. She really enjoys being able to see the inside workings of an organization that she really appreciates and respects. Stephanie is also a singer, looking for a chorus. She loves Madrigals and other a cappella music.

Jimmy Roh: Human Resources Intern. Jimmy is studying Economics and Sociology at the University of Michigan, where he will be a senior. Right now, he's working on a recruiting plan for future interns. He enjoys long walks in the park, too, and playing guitar.

Emily Romm: New Media Intern. University of Michigan, 1999. Emily is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, with a B.A. in Philosophy. During her years at Michigan, Emily enjoyed working for her college radio station, WCBN, where she produced a show called "Ann Arbor Tonight." She combines her interest in radio and web site production at the New Media Department this summer.

Jonathan Russell: Development Intern. American University, B.A. expected December, 1999. Jonathan is pursuing an inter-disciplinary major in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG). He enjoys jogging and "The Simpsons", and works weekends as a chef at an Asian restaurant near Dupont Circle.

Eliza Sporn: Legal Intern. Brown University, B.A. 1995. New York University School of Law, J.D. expected 2001. Eliza worked at a publishing house in New York before entering law school. She is interested in intellectual property law.

Emily Wojcik: Human Resources and Communications Intern. Smith College, B.A. expected 2001. Emily is currently studying English and Women's Studies at Smith. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music (and occasionally NPR), running with her dogs, and hosting her ska and punk show on Smith's radio station, WOZQ.

Check out an excerpt from the July 1999 Staff Newsletter.