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Interns in Action
Images of interns in action. 

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Robin Amer, working for Talk of the Nation Robin Amer

Audie Cornish Audie Cornish, Executive Producer of Intern Edition

Beverly Cheng, working at All Things Considered Beverly Cheng

Meeting Sound Gathering Meeting, intern group

Simba Wiltz and Eve Troeh practice sound gathering Practice Gathering

More Training More Audio Training, Alex Boekelheide and Beverly Cheng

The interns
The Interns of 2000

Alex Boekelheide, Performance Today Alex Boekelheide

Andrea K. Valdez, Cultural Desk

Anne Hepperman, Weekend Edition Saturday Ann Hepperman

Audie and Megan Audie Cornish and Megan Laughlin, National Desk

Robert (Bobby) Carter, All Songs Considered Bobby Carter

Jonathan Mitchell Jonathan Mitchell, Washington Desk

Julie Jurgens, Jazz Unit Julie Jurgens

Justin Crowne Justin Crowne, Audience Research

Lie Loo, Audio Engineering Lie Loo

Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll, New Media

Simba Wiltz, Radio Expeditions Simba Wiltz

Susan Myers Susan Myers, Science Desk

Tanja Hester, Washington Desk Tanja Hester

Some pictures were not available at the time of posting.

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