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Intern Edition

Summer, 2001 -- NPR's Intern Edition, created and produced annually by NPR's summer interns, presents a fresh, unique variety of news, features, and commentaries. The show is managed, produced, and promoted entirely by NPR interns with guidance and assistance from NPR staff members. Working together, NPR's interns select, research, report, and edit stories; execute legal correspondence; publicize the show; and design the Intern Edition Web site. The show can be heard on NPR's Web site following its debut July 27, 2001.
2001 Interns

NPR interns from all departments apply for jobs with the show. Doug Mitchell, NPR's Next Generation Radio Project Director, appointed NPR intern Katie Kijowski as Intern Edition's 2001 executive producer. Together, Katie and Doug selected the show's senior editor, online producer, Web designer, communications director, music director, reference expert, and legal advisor. After these positions were filled, all interns met to discuss story ideas, determine reporter/producer pairs, and audition for host of the 2001 show.

Intern Edition is a learning experience. But, the overall premise is to give NPR's summer interns a real experience in putting together a newsmagazine. A high level of expectation and professionalism was set from the start. Mitchell said that "if we at NPR can give young people a deep, real experience while they are still in school, the public radio system will be that much better off in the future. This is about recruiting and marketing and we're not even leaving the building."

Interns can work in more than one area of the show's creation, production, and promotion, regardless of their experience level. When they leave NPR at the end of the summer to continue their educations, NPR's interns have created and produced, from start to finish, an NPR radio show heard by a national and international audience via The 2001 Intern Edition is the third production of the show and will debut July 27 at the NPR Intern Closing Lunch.