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The interns of 2000
wish to thank all who
helped us have a
challenging and interesting
summer. We wish future
interns the best of luck.

Intern Edition 2000
This Intern Edition marks the tenth anniversery of the intern program at National Public Radio. From east to west coast, interns traveled to Washington, D.C. to become involved in NPR operations. This diverse group included those who have worked for member stations, graduate students, actors, writers, and the curious. They worked in a myriad of roles from audience research, All Things Considered.

Intern Edition is a program designed, edited, and produced entire by interns. The young staff consulted with professionals at NPR to create this year's show, which covers topics across the board.

Featured Stories
Youth Voting and MTV

The J. Keith van Straaten Show

Dogs and Existentialism

The Human Genome Project

Drag Kings

Poet Ralph

The Cutting Room Mission


Group Shot

Intern Edition
Summer 2000 Interns
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Human Resources

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