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The vacuum of youth media critique is being filled by Chantal de la Rionda, in her column, Mis-media. The column features Chantal's interest in cross cultural communication, which addresses media ethics (or lack thereof) aimed at 18-30 years olds, ranging from movies and music to news. She brings to the table her experience as a young woman living in Washington, D.C., as well as her observations as the assistant to NPR's Ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin. Read more

The Inside Guy

Everybody has those people in their lives that they go to for "expert" advice on something. You know who to ask about cars, or computers, or gardening, or raising kids, etc. Some of them are trend-spotters, and they can see potential in things before others. And sometimes a trend finds you. That's how it's been for me with Podcasting. Read more

The Stitch

Maria-Martina Castro is a DC native who graduated from Amherst College in May of 2004. This column has gone from thoughts and reflections of a young college student to someone who reflects on her generation. For two years, we've followed her to Spain and Uruguay, protest rallies, turning 21, war discussions, college graduation, job hunting and uh...more job hunting. Read more

Extra Life

"Gaming" is a word often used in reference to people sitting at a table, playing cards and betting real money. But, that's not what we're introducing here. Former NPR Online intern and University of Maryland grad Kyle Orland will be examining a different kind of gaming - video games. He'll look at the industry and the people who play them in Extra Life. Read more

Morocco Dispatches

Michelle Betz, a former broadcast journalism instructor at the University of Central Florida. During the spring of 2005, she sent us dispatches from Morocco while on a teaching fellowship. Dispatches from Morocco

In 2003, Michelle was on a fellowship with the International Center for Journalists, teaching radio to Rwandan college students. Dispatches from Rwanda

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Extra Life by
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The Stitch by
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