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Tom Krymkowski

The Inside Guy By Tom Krymkowski

Everybody has those people in their lives that they go to for "expert" advice on something. You know who to ask about cars, or computers, or gardening, or raising kids, etc. In most cases, the only thing that makes them more knowledgeable is that they learned about it first. They filtered through the background noise, stumbled into dead ends, and kept their eyes and ears open to learn as much as they could. Some of them are trend-spotters, and they can see potential in things before others. And sometimes a trend finds you. That's how it's been for me with Podcasting. Never heard of it? You should. Don't get it? You will. Afraid of it? Don't be. Not afraid of it? You should be.

Next Generation Radio:
A series of week-long student training projects, designed to give students who are interested in radio and journalism the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own radio story.
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