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D.C. Recycling
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Have you ever wondered what happens to those bottles, cans and newspapers you leave on the curb? If you live in the District of Columbia, the answer is sometimes: 'Nothing.'
Reporter: Charlie Foster

Farmers Market Diversity
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In city's across the U.S. there are food deserts -- areas where the closest supermarket may be miles away. Farmer's markets are one popular way to bring fresh produce in to urban areas. But are farmer's markets servingthe community members who need them most?
Reporter: Jocelyn Frank

Pagans in the Military
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The holidays are here, and many Americans are visiting Santa Claus at the mall, or stocking their New Year's champagne. But for some, the New Year celebrations are over. Pagans, or Neo-Pagans, celebrated New Year's around Halloween. On this holiday, called Samhain, there are no midnight cheers or popping corks, and no eyes of newt.
Reporter: Lisa Venbrux

Mary Quits
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There's an edgy new marketing technique aimed at smokers. It combines reality TV with the traditional anti-smoking message. The campaign is called Maryquits, and it's being waged primarily online.
Reporter: Odette Yousef

The Gridiron Club
Ronald Reagan in a conga line. Al Gore in a mummy case. Bill Clinton playing Forrest Gump. Nope, this is not the plot of a bad political novel, but some of the past acts at The Gridiron Club show.
Reporter:Christa Marshall

Los Angeles Sonido
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A sonido is a popular street party that comes from the urban neighborhoods of Mexico's central states. Immigrant families have brought the celebration north of the border to the United States, where the celebration has found a new groove.
Reporter: Clare Robbins

Drag Kings
According to the Oxford Enlish Dictionary the term "drag" means "feminine attire worn by a man, or a party or dance attended by such men wearing feminine attire. In Washington, D.C., a drag troupe called the D.C. Kings puts on popular shows twice a month, but they're all women, and they dress like men.
Reporter: Elise Thatcher

Plastic Art
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There are blobs of rainbow plastic hanging from the trees of Providence, Rhode Island. This addition to the fall foliage is the work of engineer turned artist Ben Phipps. Mr Phipps has tranformed his job extruding molten plastic at a science goggles factory into a passion, creating unique, colorful sculpture and making public installation art.
Reporter: Jessica Coughlin

Belarus Democracy
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The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 brought about a decade of depression. Inflation soraed, life expectancies declined, and in almost half of the newly independent former Soviet republics, civil war broke out. But the Republic of Belarus, a state between Ukraine and Russia, has remained remarkably stable. Still, the United States government is supporting efforts to remove the president of Belarus from power.
Reporter: Julie Masis

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