GETTING STARTED in public radio

Next Generation Radio training guide. It's the handbook that all NextGen workshop participants get. Now you can download it here for free!

The Poynter Institute of Journalism. Advertises itself as "Everything you need to be a better journalist." Highlights include an excellent and comprehensive High School Journalism Guide, and Nelson, an excellent search engine that searches by Newspapers, Print/TV, Beats or Journalism Organizations. Excellent articles and suggestions on how to get your career off the ground, learn more about what you are doing or even find a school of Journalism to attend.
Looking for scholarship money? There are quite a few organizations that offer such opportunities. Here you can join an organization made up of dedicated professionals who make a living doing the kinds of stories public radio is known for.

The Minidisc Community Portal. Features links, forums, mailing lists, cool uses, etc. Tools editor Jeff Towne has gone through the transom discussion boards and created a list of FAQs. Also, new from Transom (1/06) - Setting Up a Small Studio

Tips from an NPR Engineer (2002 video, 11:18) Mark Greenhouse speaks to the NPR interns on how to use minidisc and DAT players.

About Us

Next Generation Radio is a series of one-week, student radio training projects co-sponsored by NPR and several journalist and media organizations. The projects are designed to give students who are interested in radio and journalism an opportunity to report and produce their own radio story.

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