Intern Edition Fall 2005


Welcome to NPR's Intern Edition Fall 2005!

A Message from Executive Producer Joe Danielewicz

What does a group of highly ambitious and creative students (plus some recent grads) do when placed inside the walls of National Public Radio? They create an original, eclectic news magazine, called Intern Edition.

Anything can become a story, from a look at the lives of obituary writers, to the fine art of apple tasting ( la the movie Sideways), or debunking the myths of flight attendants.

Intern Edition, is the forum to hear some of these ideas, presented in the arena of public radio where depth, breadth and quirkiness are required.

I hope you visit our site frequently and realize the potential of passionate listeners turned interns when they're given an amazing opportunity to take control of the microphone. From NPR, this is Intern Edition.

Our show premieres the week of December 5, 2005.

Until then,
Joe Danielewicz
Executive Producer

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Fall 2005 Intern Edition
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