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Katie B. Anthony

Katie B. Anthony, Audience and Corporate Research

Katie B. Anthony was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and other than college and her recent move here, she has lived there her whole life. She is close to her family and has three older sisters. She just graduated from Duke where she studied public policy, political science, religion, and econ. She played on the varsity field hockey team for 3 years and was an assistant coach for 1 year due to injury. She was also on the club tennis team and was very active in programs that encouraged Duke varsity athletes to interact with the Durham community. She works at NPR on Fridays. Monday-Thursday she works at a PR and Consulting firm in Arlington. She's been in DC since the beginning of June and really loves it here, and loves listening to NPR!

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Jessica Areen

Jessica Areen, National Desk

Jessica Areen interns for Nina Totenbeg on the Washington Desk.

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Leslie Bishop

Leslie Bishop, Talk Of The Nation

Hailing from San Diego, Leslie reluctantly left behind her love of Mexican food to come to Washington, but remains a California girl at heart. Leslie first got interested in the media in high school after a series of school shootings caught the nation's attention. She worked with students in her class on a TV talk show where students could have a voice on issues that involved them. During the summer of 2001, Leslie attended the San Diego CCNMA Multi-Cultural Journalism conference where she hosted a radio show, "The Wave" at KPBS in San Diego, featuring teens on both sides of the border. After this stint, Leslie came back to KPBS for two summers as an intern for the TV Talk show "Full Focus."

In college, Leslie's habit of making friends with everyone from shop owners to street performers brought about a weekly show she produced with Harvard Radio (WHRB), "The People of Harvard Square." Still working to give young people a voice in the media, Leslie also formed a student TV talk show at Harvard's Institute of Politics (IOP). Her favorite moment was seeing Wesley Clark rap to Outcast's "Heya" while she hosted a special series for the IOP Student Talk Show, "Behind the Scenes of Hardball" with each of the 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidates.

After just graduating in June with a degree in Social Anthropology and a certificate in Health Policy, Leslie is happy to have found a home at Talk of the Nation where she loves working with and learning from the outstanding TOTN staff in creating interesting, in-depth discussion shows. She is loving DC and hopes to stay involved in Talk Radio, pick up her knitting needles this winter and form a group of karaoke regulars :)

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Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe, Online Editorial

Twenty-year-old Eric Bledsoe entered the world in Baltimore, Maryland. After ten years of The Muppets, Legos, and little league baseball, he moved to the warmth and beauty of Central Florida. Spending much of his time running track and indulging in literature on Florida's sandy beaches, he decided to return to the Northeast for his undergraduate studies.

Currently a junior at the Catholic University of America, he is an English major with a sub concentration in Philosophy. Though not a stranger to exploring the intricacies of language in composing poetry and prose, he also is a member of the Catholic University Fencing Club where he masters the foil with precision and craft. Eric first became intrigued with radio through his love for music. Joining the team at his college radio station, he currently is a host for the alternative and classic rock show on WCUA. Since then, he has become enthralled in the many aspects of radio broadcasting. Eric now is looking forward to fulfilling his insatiable appetite for knowledge and experience as an intern for NPR online.

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Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom, Performance Today

Molly recently graduated from Brown University where she learned about politics, music, dance, literature, biology and coffee milk. She discovered the joy of playing with sound while working at Brown Student Radio where she got to share her love of jazz with greater Rhode Island and produce a children's literature show. Although jazz is her first love, she has greatly enjoyed immersing herself in the world of classical music and can now identify that it is Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" that she hears while carrying a precariously tall stack of cd's to the library. Molly hails from beautiful Minneapolis, MN and if she gets the chance, she'll invite you to join her at the Minnesota State Fair for fried food on a stick. In her hometown, Molly volunteered at KFAI Radio where she learned how to cover local news and track down local politicians. She embraces her old ladyish tendencies (knitting, baking, eating dinner at 5) and balances them with yoga, piano and dancing to the Jackson 5. She is one-fourth Canadian.

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Allison Bryce

Alison Bryce, Weekend Edition Saturday - Audio Bio.

Alison Bryce was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Middlebury College in Vermont. For three years after college she dabbled on the West Coast in various jobs including; working the red carpet at the Oscars, practicing massage therapy, producing reality TV and reporting for Alaska Public Radio. She then moved to Missoula, Montana to pursue a broadcast journalism Masters Degree from the University of Montana. She quickly became a regular reporter for Montana Public Radio's Evening Edition. She is happy to be back in a city to speak Spanish, produce radio full-time, take African dance and be close to an international airport.

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Jes Burns

Jes Burns, All Things Considered

Jes Burns comes to NPR via Eugene, OR (via New Orleans, via North Carolina, via South Carolina) where she just finished a Masters Degree in Literary Nonfiction at the University of Oregon. Although this program had nothing directly to do with radio, she decided mid-way though that audio story-telling was the thing for her. Along with serving ice cream at a minor league baseball stadium, Jes worked the summer in the news department at KLCC, the NPR member station in Eugene. Before (and during) that, she was the Assistant News Director and a DJ at KWVA Eugene.

Jes has written for a few magazines (and founded one on her own), won a few writing awards, does independent audio production, and has the dubious honor of never having a "real" job - nine-to-five what? She likes gardening, making her own soap, trying to get others to write her bio for her, and serial commas. Jes is one of two All Things Considered interns for the fall.

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Joy Cameron

Joy Cameron, Development- Major Gifts

Joy Cameron attends George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In May 2006, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in electronic media. Interested in radio production and public broadcasting, she could think of no better place than NPR to explore both careers simultaneously. As an intern in the Development Department, Joy hopes to gain a well-rounded view of NPR and a better sense of what she sees as her ideal career in broadcasting. She spent last semester studying abroad in London, an experience that only furthered her interest in traveling and exploring other cultures. Joy is from Albuquerque, N.M., and she has found that her time in D.C. has interrupted her love affair with green chili and Mexican food in general.

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Tuna (Shilpi) Chatterjee

Tuna (Shilpi) Chatterjee, General Counsel's Office

After a globetrotting childhood, largely spent plotting a life crowded with incident, Tuna felt the magnetic pull of New Jersey from half the world away. Wondering how her newly-home state came to its present idyllic beauty led to a history degree, whose diploma transmogrified into a software engineering job by the magical enchantments of the Internet. When frivolous perks lost their allure, which admittedly took seven years, Tuna felt that her student loan burden was too light and entered law school. Oddly, she did so in Boston, apparently seeking some wintry karmic balance to the desert sands of her youth. It is her fervent hope that every city she lives in undergoes a miraculous baseball season ending 86 years of futility.

Tuna also laughs uncontrollably upon hearing certain phrases, and the discovery of such phrases provides endless amusement to her family and friends. Amidst her laughter-induced tears and her legal studies, Tuna loves whooshing down roller coasters, hiking through the Pacific Northwest, and collecting pre-war Baedeker travel guides. At the end of the day, Tuna subscribes to Henry James's belief that "paradise is a perfect automobile going thirty miles an hour on a smooth road to a twelfth-century cathedral."

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Joe Danielwicz

Joe Danielewicz, Intern Edition

Joe Danielewicz is a proud Buckeye (Ohioan), transplanted to Washington DC. His first exposure to public radio was listening to Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" while driving to Boy Scout summer camp with his dad. After a few year hiatuses, his mom started listening to National Public Radio, which rubbed off.

He started his broadcasting career at Dayton Public Radio and later worked as a student reporter and board operator at WMUB-FM, in Oxford, Ohio. He has also interned with the Capitol News Connection with PRI and WDTN-TV (Dayton, OH). Joe holds a bachelor of philosophy from Miami University in Ohio.

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Vicki Farden

Vicki Farden, Online Editorial

Vicki Farden is completing her Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Boston University's DC program this semester. When she's not at NPR Online, she is out covering Washington politics for New Hampshire Public Radio and exploring the arts, culture and dining riches of the capitol city.

After ten years of managing homeless and anti-poverty programs for the state of Minnesota, and many years as a self-employed textile artist, Vicki decided to meld her creative and public policy interests into a career in radio journalism. She spent several years learning the nuts and bolts of radio production at KFAI, a community radio station in Minneapolis before attending graduate school at BU. This spring, Vicki interned at WBUR, the NPR news station in Boston. She's now looking to translate her journalism skills and love of story into a paycheck.

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Adam Gerber

Adam Gerber, Audience and Corporate Research

Adam Gerber is originally from Los Angeles but has recently turned to calling Northern California his home. A senior at UC Davis, Adam is finishing up his undergraduate studies with a degree in History, and minors in political science and Jewish studies. Adam is a committed fan of the West Wing and is almost always down for a rousing game of racquetball (implying, of course, that it does not conflict with WW). Back at UC Davis, Adam has been a middle school teachers aide, the founder of an all-men's a cappella group, a dedicated Hillelnik, the pledge master of his fraternity, and a student government senator. While Adam's parents are very pleased with the newly added 'NPR Intern' title on their son's resume, Adam, however, is more pleased by the free NPR stickers and wall calendars.

Adam was born in May of '84 and currently has a nerdy fascination with organizational behavior. Adam will study Public Administration and Non-Profit Management at some yet to be determined graduate school and hopes to some day return to the world of NPR - hopefully as a Terry Gross interviewee rather then as a repeat intern.

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Katie Goetz

Katie Goetz, Washington Desk

Katie Goetz (pronounced "gets") is interning at the Washington Desk through the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism. She cut her journalistic teeth at member station KRWG, where she worked as both news reporter and online-news editor, earning several state AP awards in her two years there. Katie's short time in public radio represents a sharp departure from growing up and working on her family's beef-cattle ranch in southern New Mexico.

Katie recently graduated from New Mexico State University, where she studied Journalism and Agricultural Economics/Business. One of five children and the product of two self-made people, she put herself through college by working and taking penny-pinching to the next level. She said she'd be nothing without her independence and resilience.

Katie's interests include writing; editing whatever her friends ask her to; hiking, biking, and being outdoors; being a snob about Southwestern jewelry and Mexican food; finding discarded treasures at secondhand stores; and crafting jewelry, furniture, keepsake boxes - you name it - from what would otherwise remain junk.

While Katie often thinks about getting her master's - in cultural anthropology, recent American history, or English, depending on when you ask her - she's now casting a wide net for reporting jobs in public radio and admits that location has always been a question mark.

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Michael Kabran

Michael Kabran, Morning Edition

Michael is often favorably compared to that new baby panda at the National Zoo as they both belong to that elite group-Washington, DC natives. He (Michael, not the panda) studied physics at Duke University and journalism at the University of Maryland. Prior to his gig at NPR, Michael taught English in Japan, sold socks at a local department store and wrote a gardening advice column. Like the panda, Michael hopes to be a professional magician and jazz musician.

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Mike Katzif

Mike Katzif, All Songs Considered

Mike Katzif comes from Prairie Village (the suburbs of Kansas City) which is not really a vast open grass field like it sounds. He attended and graduated from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS where he studied sociology and music. His emphasis was sociological media content analysis, which really means he watched a lot of films, television and listened to music for social issues. Focusing on jazz studies and composition, Mike has written, performed and recorded with his many bands and jazz combos and music projects throughout the midwest. His primary instrument is guitar, though he claims to also be decent at piano, trumpet, bass and some drums, but has yet to prove it substantially. Mike is currently an intern with NPR's All Songs Considered where he filters through boxes of unsigned artists for the Open Mic portion of the show. He also researches for information for upcoming shows and concerts, tracks down new and upcoming albums, archives the shows featured CDs, and works to create and update various pages on the website. He also likes mashed potatoes a lot.

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Cristy Meiners

Cristy Meiners, Arts and Information Desk

Cristy Meiners is from Utah. Due to a series of late night decisions, she has spent much of her life in school; her most recent degree was awarded from Brigham Young University. While she was at BYU, Cristy produced and hosted a daily radio show called "The Arts in Utah." Also while at BYU she worked for the BYU Art Museum, taught Humanities courses to unsuspecting students expecting a real teacher, and dubbed a couple web sites and even an animated medical video. Between Cristy's undergraduate and graduate degrees, she interned with the United States Supreme Court. Now interning for NPR's Arts Desk, which is a lot like the Supreme Court, Cristy is working towards her goal of obtaining a lofty ministerial position in the arts world.

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Beth Novey

Beth Novey, Radio Expeditions

Beth Novey started listening to NPR when she was in utero. Now, twenty-three years later, she is thrilled to have a glimpse behind the scenes at the headquarters of her lifelong news-source. She is the intern for Radio Expeditions, a co-production of NPR and National Geographic. Beth graduated from Harvard in June 2005 with a degree in Psychology. When not working at NPR, she enjoys playing ice hockey, ballroom dancing, and talking about herself in the third person. She is glad to be living in Washington DC, which she considers to be one of the finest suburbs of her hometown, Baltimore.

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Malaika I. Robinson

Malaika I. Robinson, Corporate Communications

Malaika I. Robinson is the 2005 Corporate Communications intern at NPR. Robinson brings to NPR an unwavering commitment to openness and honesty, as cultivated by her years working for Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. Robinson is the former host of WCIN-AM's Teen Talk, where she worked under the legendary Jo Anne Moore.

The twenty-two year old finds the intersection of modern culture and media most intriguing. She is a life-long NPR listener who is dedicated to continuing NPR's legacy of journalistic integrity and intellectually stimulating entertainment well into the twenty-first century.

Malaika lived and studied in Firenze. Annually, she returns to Italia for black and white photography projects on girlhood and political graffiti. Robinson is proud to volunteer at the Human Rights Campaign and Washington D.C.'s College Bound.

The Cincinnati native is an alumna of Spelman College. She currently lives on Capitol Hill.

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Miranda Rodriguez

Miranda Rodriguez, Music Library

Miranda Rodriguez is an Aggie from Northern Utah transitioning into the life of an east coast Terp at the University of Maryland. She is currently working on her graduate degree in Library Science and enjoying the chance to intern at the NPR Music Library. Prior to moving to the east coast, Miranda worked at an independent Nursery sharing her passion for plants and love of the outdoors with others. Miranda finds a good book irresistible and reads Harper Lee's classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" every August. As her first grade teacher astutely put it "Miranda has a bubbly personality" and enjoys meeting new people.

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Chloe Rothstein

Chloe Melissa Rothstein, National Desk

Chloe is an Intern at the National Desk.

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Kristi Ruth

Kristi Ruth, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Chicago

Kristi Ruth is a metro Detroit native, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual concentration in Philosophy and Religious Pluralism. During her college career, Kristi interned at Detroit Public Radio (WDET) as a reporter in the news department.

Kristi's journalistic experience extends back to high school, where she was the photography editor for the school newspaper. Throughout college she was a contributing editor to "Meteorite," a student-run, published philosophy journal.

Currently, Kristi is interning at "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" in Chicago.

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Kristina Schaefer

Kristina Schaefer, Office of General Counsel

Kristina Schaefer is an intern in the General Counsel's Office at NPR, working on issues in labor and employment, copyright, and media law. Originally from South Jersey, and then many other places, she has been a resident of the Washington, DC area for almost ten years working in higher education and science policy. Kristina is currently an evening law student at the Georgetown Law Center, class of 2006. She also holds a Master's in Forensic Science, and Bachelor's degrees in Music and Psychology. Post-graduation, she is planning to pursue a career in an as yet undecided area of law, and expects to be wistfully waiting for the opportunity to return to NPR. For the time being, though, she is thrilled to be at NPR and to be working on Intern Edition.

In her spare time, Kristina reads non-law books, attends live theater, and occasionally takes the stage as well. Ultimately, she hopes her combination of legal, media, forensic science and theatrical experience will give her the caché necessary to get backing for her dream project: CSI: The Musical.

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Michelle Siegel

Michelle Siegel, Member Services

Michelle Siegel is a proud native of Washington, D.C. Junior year has come too quickly for her at George Washington University, where she is studying political communications. She previously worked with CNN's Crossfire at her university, which is where she caught the broadcast media bug.

In her spare time, Michelle loves to do touristy things-museums, art galleries, monuments and standing on the wrong side of the escalator. She also enjoys sitting in the sun, reading just about anything, and most importantly, watching "Star Wars."

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Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor, Online Editorial

Michael Taylor graduated from Georgetown University in the Spring of 2005 with a double major in English and French. While enrolled, he was a member of the Varsity Swim Team and spent his time hanging out in coffee shops, playing board games, and listening to lots of music. He spent a semester in Dakar, Senegal and another in Paris, France, and now compiles photo galleries and news packages for

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Joshua Talley

Joshua Talley, Day to Day, Los Angeles

Joshua Talley's single mother raised him amidst the redwoods of Sonoma County, Calif. Depending on how many times you've read "Walden," their cabin with an outhouse and an outdoor shower seemed a lofty return to nature or a vision of transplanted Appalachian blight.

Talley dropped out of high school at 16, bussed tables, saved and spent the following summer backpacking across Europe. He returned home, enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College, transferred to UC Berkeley, then UCLA, where he earned a bachelor's degree in creative writing.

Talley spent the next decade marinating in unfulfilling jobs and heartbreaking relationships. He attended the University of Southern California in 2003 and earned a master's in journalism in 2005.

He now wakes at 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday to intern on NPR's "Day to Day" show from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. He also waits tables until after midnight five nights a week. He hasn't had a single day off since September 8 and sleeps three hours per night. His eyes darken and sink deeper into his skull every day. Despite his full schedule, Talley finds time to work out and to juggle thoughts of law school, his love of a beautiful marathoner named Michelle, and self-loathing about his decision to pursue a career in journalism.

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Emily Zeugner

Emily Zeugner, All Things Considered

Emily Zeugner is a print journalism graduate student at Boston University. When she isn't at her internship with All Things Considered, she reports from Capitol Hill for Connecticut Public Radio.

Emily has covered Massachusetts state politics for The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, The Milford Daily News, and WCAI-WNAN, the NPR station of Cape Cod and the Islands. Over the summer, she filed arts and human services features for WCAI and had one piece air nationally on All Things Considered.

Emily fell in love with radio journalism while listening to BBC World and Voice of America as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Emily is anxious to go abroad again, and hopes to parlay her journalism education into a career as a foreign correspondent.

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